Head of News

By Sam Christie, Head of News

Over the years we’ve seen a gradual erosion of Britain’s newsrooms.

We as a PR agency still rely heavily on journalists to tell brands’ stories published in newspapers, magazines and across websites.

But this could change as Britain’s biggest publisher, Reach PLC, this week announced it will axe around 450 jobs – including about 300 editorial staff.

The Mirror and Express publisher is hiring social media influencers in a drive to target younger audiences on TikTok through video content.

Many once bustling newsrooms have lost their buzz due to a work from home culture born out of the pandemic.

But this slaying of around 10 per cent of Reach’s workforce will be a hammer blow to editors battling to revive the newsroom spirit and marks a dark day for traditional journalism.

It will also serve to make it even more difficult for brands with newsworthy stories to gain the visibility they often deserve.