Jennifer O'Grady - Head of Agency

Head of Agency

We are a PR agency for the digital age and specialise in social media.
Social media has changed the way we communicate and connect with one another and, as a result of this, companies have had to reconsider how they interact with their customers. The use of social media in business is a fantastic opportunity, not only as an excellent advertisement tool, but also to listen to and track conversations about our brands.

recent study stated that 12% of consumers surveyed had used social media as a platform to vent their complaints. The rise in customers broadcasting their issues on such a public forum can be a real concern for businesses, meaning social channels require frequent, if not constant monitoring in order to spot an issue before it escalates. With expectations at an all time high and a wealth of online resources available to them, customers now have the opportunity to intensify a situation within seconds and potentially damage a company’s reputation by doing so.

At Democracy, we go above and beyond the traditional realms of PR. Digital and social are at the forefront of what we do and as such we provide around the clock monitoring of our client’s social media channels. Whether it is for CORGI HomePlan, Hi-PRO peanut butter or another brand, we get so immersed in each client that we are able to act as brand ambassadors, responding swiftly to negative comments and putting out fires whilst they are mere sparks as opposed to towering infernos.