Jennifer O'Grady - Head of Agency

Head of Agency

New normal, unprecedented, uncertain …. These are the buzzwords that will define 2020 when we look back at how the media covered the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The shift in media narrative and consumption has been as changeable and unpredictable as the situation itself, and despite its challenges, it’s been utterly compelling.

Few of us, before now, can say we have been witness to such extraordinary times – sure, there was Brexit, there was the 2008 global financial crisis, but they both feel a little like child’s play compared to this. 

At Democracy we pride ourselves on our agility and ability to react swiftly and surely to the rapidly changing news agenda. But it’s not all reactive; our media and insights teams have their eyes and ears on the press at all times of the day and have identified a new pattern to the changing narrative. 

Most striking is an increase in tempo:  The media week starts off FAST. News from the government, the NHS, our employment status and industries dominates the agenda. But, by Wednesday something changes; a desire for lighter, more uplifting news starts to emerge – stories about Dulux puppies and vegan tinned pie are in their element and as we head towards the weekend, that trend continues. 

However, (we said it was changeable) the narrative that we’ve gotten used to over the past few weeks is now evolving again. As the death toll mounts, criticism of the government is on the rise and the media are questioning its approach more than ever resulting in hard news returning to hog the spotlight. 

Despite this, the media (and readers) are still looking for respite. There is still room to cut through the misery from midweek onwards as we have seen throughout.

As week six of lockdown draws to an end, one thing remains constant. To navigate this new media landscape, agility and understanding is key. At Democracy, we have a team of media relations experts ready to help your brand find its voice and make itself heard, all for the right reasons.