TikTok launches automated ad campaigns designed to boost performance 

TikTok has launched automated ‘Smart Performance Campaigns’ in order to boost ad performance. 

The new automated ad process is designed to run performance campaigns at scale while reducing the number of manual steps to drive results. It would require advertisers to put their trust in TikTok’s machine learning systems for full ad targeting and optimisation. 

Positively, TikTok has said that in early testing, app promotion campaigns using this process have out performed manually set up campaigns.  

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LinkedIn adds new ‘Person’ and ‘Page’ link stickers

In a bid to improve in-app engagement, LinkedIn have launched  ‘Person’ and ‘Page’ stickers, providing new ways to drive more traffic with your posts. 

The platform first launched a Link Sticker that allowed users to paste a URL on top of their frame back in August. The new stickers will now allow users to link directly to internal profiles, potentially generating more in-app engagement.

The feature is providing a range of new considerations for users to build their LinkedIn presence and engaging their audiences in the app.   

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Snapchat announces new features for Snapchat+ 

Snapchat is adding some new features to the Snapchat+ subscription package that users are currently paying $3.99 per month for. 

One of the new features is Customer Story Expiration which enables users to set snaps on their story to expire after one hour or up to one week. Another feature allows subscribers to add different notification tones for different friends so they can tell who has snapped them without checking their phone, while there are also new colour border options as well as three new Halloween Bitmoji backgrounds. 

Snapchat has said that over one million people have already signed up to its subscription package. 

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Instagram adds new safety features 

Instagram has added new safety feature tools to give users more control over their in-app experience. 

One feature is advanced user blocking which allows users to block not only other users accounts or future accounts they make but also all pre-existing accounts linked to that user. 

The hidden words feature, which allows users to block certain terms of their choosing within DM’s and comments will now be automatically active on creator accounts. The feature can then be switched off or changed at any time, and will also be expanded to include story replies. 

The platform is also adding more nudges to alert people before they submit potentially offensive remarks in a user’s comments or DM’s which will hopefully play a significant role in reducing offensive interactions. 

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