Facebook Axes Instant Articles

Facebook is continuing its pivot away from news by announcing it is shutting down its Instant Articles feature.

The service was designed to load news articles quickly on mobile phones. But with few people using it and the growing threat from entertainment-focused social media platforms such as TikTok, Mark Zuckerburg has pulled the plug on it.

It is part of his ambition to rebrand the social media giant as more of a video-based platform after it was revealed that video viewing makes up around half of all time spent on Facebook.

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Twitter Edit Function Fails To Drive New Subscribers

Twitter has not seen any significant increase in new subscribers after bowing to overwhelming demand by adding an edit tweet function, new data reveals.

The function is being rolled out to subscribers to its Twitter Blue service.

And now Sensor Tower is reporting that the platform has seen little in the way of meaningful revenue increase from it yet.

With every other social media platform offering an edit tool for years, are Twitter just too late to the party with this? 

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Snapchat Launches AR Guide To CPR 

Snapchat has introduced an AR experience in which it quizzes users on their knowledge of CPR alongside providing tips for beginners on how to complete the process.

The feature was introduced to mark World Restart a Heart Day which took place on the 16th of October in an attempt to raise awareness of CPR.

It’s another example of Snap’s continued efforts to advance the use of AR, with shopping, art display and now health experiences being built into the app.

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Meta Launches New Liverpool FC Avatar Fashion Range Amid Quality Storm

Meta has launched a new set of Liverpool FC fan outfits for avatars as it remains under fire for the quality of its virtual worlds.

Meta has invested billions into VR development, however, the company has been heavily criticised about why its VR environment looks so bad. Mark Zuckerberg stated that its avatar and VR developments are much more advanced and promised to show it off at the Connect Conference.

They did indeed show off its improved avatars at Connect, which also included legs on its VR depiction, despite the struggles in recent months to master that part of the feature.

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