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Instagram users are given the option to hide their like activity in the app

Instagram has been providing users with a pop-up notifying them that they can update their privacy settings to withhold their like activity from others. This new privacy element offers the choice of limiting engagement from non-followers, to the selected ‘close friends’ group, or from everyone.  

The new feature could make users feel more comfortable engaging with content, knowing that their privacy is being protected. This could lead to an increase in engagement across the platform. 

X offers a similar feature, allowing X Premium subscribers to hide their check. This enables creators to support others without being publicly associated with them. 

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LinkedIn adds a database of branded content partnerships, displaying in-app influencer campaigns

LinkedIn is allowing users to explore all affiliate marketing campaigns that have used the branded content tags that were put in place last month. 

Under the new EU Digital Services Act, social platforms must provide a searchable library of branded content partnerships. Not only does LinkedIn’s new database align with the DSA, but it also provides competitive insight into how other companies are approaching LinkedIn marketing. 

There is a high chance that there will be more influencer deals in-app in the future, as emphasis has been placed on creators, and how they can build their presence on LinkedIn. 

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Meta is building a new ‘LLM’ to compete with current leaders in the AI race

Meta is developing a new large language model that aims to rival OpenAI in complexity and computing capacity. The LLM is currently being designed to aid companies to produce ‘sophisticated text’ and analysis.

Following the release of ChatGPT last year, Zuckerberg has been interested in the new opportunities provided by generative AI, reducing emphasis on the metaverse. 

Currently, it is not clear how the LLM tools will be amalgamated into in-app experiences. Meta may build upon the visual creation tools and chatbot that are already available on Instagram. 

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Reports of X restricting links to certain publications

A recent investigation by NewsWhip has found that posts are being restricted on X (formally known as Twitter) that link to sites that Elon Musk has publicly condemned, such as the New York Times. 

The engagement with such posts has fallen since June, and is not reflected within posts referring to similar organisations such as the BBC and the Washington Post. X has not offered any comment on the restrictions. 

Recently, Musk has been presenting journalists and certain news publications in a negative light. These controversial actions have led to Threads posing more of a threat to X as audiences may follow organisations if they move their content to the new platform. 

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