Instagram introduces their new ‘Quiet Mode’ feature

In an attempt to encourage its users to take more breaks whilst on the platform, Instagram have added ‘Quiet Mode’ to their setting tab on the app.

It is said that the ‘Quiet Mode’ switches off all of a users notifications for the period of time they select to be in that mode, alongside adding a notifier that a user is in the mode inside the direct messages section of the platform, to prevent other users from contacting them during these times.

Instagram have also added some new self-moderation tools, including the ability to hide recommended posts in the app based on keywords. When a user hides a post in their feed, they will see a new ‘Don’t suggest posts with certain words’ option in the pop-up list. If they tap on that, they will be able to mute topics from their recommendations and Explore listings.

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YouTube Introduce A New Feature Which Allows Creators To Directly Target Their Audiences

YouTube is looking to help users further contextualise their ‘Shorts’ clips and so have added the option of a location tag within the upload flow in the app.

A location based system allows YouTube to promote more relevant clips to specific audience members, which is said to help with the engagement of the clips themselves, as proved by the success that came the way of rivals TikTok when they implemented similar features.

The new feature is said to be particularly anticipated by businesses who are looking to showcase products to a localised audience, as the feature would be useful for aiming at the specific audience, alongisde the analytics which allow the businesses to see how successful their content is within specific areas.

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Meta Signs New Deal with Shutterstock for AI Creation Tools Amid Competitors Legal Enquiry

After seeing the rise of generative AI tools in the market, Meta are looking into how they can iterate their own tools to incorporate AI elements, and facilitate new creative options.

In a bid to keep up with their competition, Meta has struck a new deal with Shutterstock that will enable Meta to utilize Shutterstock’s library of visual and audio content to fuel its AI tools.

This comes after fellow AI enthusiasts Stability AI have come under legal scrutiny after claims that Stability ‘unlawfully scraped millions of images from its site to train its software’. It is clear Meta have attempted to strike a deal with Shutterstock to ensure they dont face any legal action as they attempt to revelutionise AI in the future.

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Twitter Reduces Price Of Twitter Blue With Annual Payment Option

Twitter have added the option for its “Twitter Blue’ subscribers to purchase an annual subscription to the service rather than only paying monthly like theu currently would be.

It is said that with Twitter’s new annual payment scheme for Twitter Blue, users can save around 13% per annum for their blue tick. Despite the 13% reduction in price, the service still comes it at around £84 if purchased on a yearly basis.

Twitter Blue rewards its users with a verified tick and allows subscribers to post longer videos on their pages. Future plans look to reduce the amount of ads the users would see on their feed by 50%, alongside having their tweets priotitised at the top of other users feed in an attempt to fight scams and spam.

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