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Musk causes Twitter outrage (once again)

Twitter hit the headlines yet again this week, with Elon Musk announcing that the platform is tackling data scraping issues. In response to this, Musk has set temporary limits on the number of tweets users can view over a certain period of time.

Verified accounts can read up to 10,000 posts per day, unverified accounts are limited to 1,000 posts, and new unverified accounts can access 500 posts. This has sparked mass outrage across the platform, with many users claiming that they plan on leaving if restrictions are set in place.

Twitter has also restricted non-logged-in users from viewing tweets indefinitely, potentially impacting the platform’s reach altogether. By prompting users to log in, Twitter hopes to show more targeted ads. 

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Meta releases initial version of ‘Twitter dethroner’

Meta’s new Twitter-esque message board app, tentatively called ‘Threads,’ unexpectedly appeared in the Google Play Store this week. It’s interesting timing given the current restrictions on viewing tweets that has impacted Twitter users recently.

Meta has been working on its text-based platform for some time, with first reports emerging back in April that it was exploring a ’decentralised social network for sharing text updates’. With ‘Threads’, users can import their Instagram usernames directly to the new platform. 

Meta aims to create a viable Twitter alternative using Instagram’s scale, attracting dissatisfied users amidst Elon Musk’s changes to the app.

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TikTok implements content paywall 

TikTok is rolling out subscriber-only videos as yet another creator monetisation option following the launch of the LIVE Subscriptions package last year. The new paywall will allow creators to share exclusive content with paying subscribers as a way to generate recurring revenue. 

To maintain creators’ loyalty to the app, the platform is still working on developing a more effective, equitable revenue program, and its LIVE Subscriptions package could be one way to leverage that interest and opportunity.

TikTok says that LIVE Subscriptions are available to creators over 18 years of age with a minimum of 1,000 followers.

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 Snapchat+ hits major milestone 

Snapchat announced that their paid subscription feature, Snapchat +, has hit over four million paying subscribers, only one year after the feature was released. This is amplified by the struggles of both Twitter and Meta to sell similar services and emphasises their user’s dedication to the platform.

Snapchat+ offers a range of exclusive add-on features for users’ Snapchat presence for £3.50 per month. These include access to exclusive Snapchat icons, improved data insights on creators’ usage and engagement and the option to freeze your Snap Streaks.

Due to Snap’s 750 million monthly active users, these add-ons have significant value by enhancing the in-app experience which is apparent by the fact that Snapchat+ is used by 0.53% of the platforms total user base, meanwhile Twitter Blue, sits at a mere 0.3%.
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