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Threads unveils crucial ‘Following’ feed feature in latest update

In the midst of confusion surrounding Twitter’s sudden rebrand to ‘X’, it is clear that Meta is attempting to seize the opportunity to attract a fresh influx of Twitter users who are eager to explore something novel. Threads are introducing exciting new features that are said to bridge the gap between the platform and the conventional Twitter experience.

The major update includes a brand-new ‘Following’ feed, complementing the existing ‘For you’ stream, which showcases recommended and followed content. With this addition, Threads users can now exclusively view posts from the profiles they personally follow within the app. 

The absence of a ‘Following’ feed in chronological order was a notable oversight during Threads’ initial launch. Users had to navigate through a mix of unfamiliar accounts, leading to dissatisfaction due to peculiar recommendations. The feature was incredibly popular on Twitter, so its introduction on Threads could lead to many users converting to Meta’s new platform.

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‘X’ files legal action over hate speech claims

After its rebrand from Twitter, ‘X’ has been fighting back against claims that instances of hate speech have increased across the platform since Elon Musk purchased it. According to recent reports, the company is suing The Centre for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) over various reports that it has published tracking the rise of harmful content.

In several reports, the CCDH claims to have tracked the rise of hate speech since Musk bought the app. In December, it was noted by CCDH that there was a noticeable rise in offensive language targeting Black and transgender individuals. Musk denies these claims and is said to be the driving force behind the legal action.

The research indicates that Twitter is not effectively addressing rule-breaking tweets made by Twitter Blue subscribers. The platform is permitting tweets that combine references to the LGBTQ+ community with derogatory terms related to ‘grooming’ to remain accessible. This is one of the many issues that has come with giving users the freedom of ‘Twitter Blue’.

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Snapchat surges with record growth

Snapchat has recently shared its Q2 2023 performance report that shows they have added 14 million daily active users to the app, taking their total to 397 million.

The platform has seen the most growth in developing markets such as India which has led to the apps ad business making a dramatic recovery following its drop earlier in the year. The company’s revenue has also taken a leap of 4% compared to the last quarter.

Alongside the rise of the user base and the ad revenue, Snapchat has also seen positive improvements in features within the app. Their premium feature Snapchat+ has gained 4 million paying subscribers and their popular AI-powered chatbot known as ‘My AI’ saw 150 million users sending 10 billion messages across the last quarter. 

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WhatsApp encourages ‘face-to-face’ communication 

This week, WhatsApp has switched up their conversation game by giving users the ability to send video messages to their friends in a bid to ‘enhance their chats’.

The company’s spokesperson claimed that ‘Video messages are a real-time way to respond to chats with whatever you want to say and show in 60 seconds. We think these will be a fun way to share moments with all the emotion that comes from video, whether it’s wishing someone a happy birthday, laughing at a joke, or bringing good news.’

The addition brings WhatsApp more in line with other social and messaging platforms, in facilitating video connection, which has already become the preferred interactive option in most apps. Snapchat is a platform which has utilised video messaging and the feature has become increasingly popular on the app.

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