Twitter Removes its Collaborative Tweets Experiment 

Giving new ways to collaborate and output cross-promotional partnerships, Twitter introduced the option to collaborate with others on tweets. 

Similar to Tiktok, where ‘duets’ have become an extremely popular part of the platform, Twitter trialled collaborating tweets. This has been removed after their reorganising of the app and is no longer an option for users. 

The co-creation of tweets allowed for influencers to collaborate on tweets with brands, bands to co-tweet announcements amongst many other uses. Despite the mostly positive feedback on the introduction of this option back in July, Twitter have decided to focus their efforts on other areas of the app and have removed it as of yesterday. 

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Linkedin Adds New Newsletter Showcase Tool to Help Users Tap into Upcoming Newsletter Growth

Linkedin has introduced new tools that make showcasing your newsletter on the platform even easier and more accessible to subscribers. 

A lot of companies are now choosing to scale back their newsletter outreach after the ‘hype’ seems to have cooled off a little. Linkedin however has seen the creation of newsletters grow dramatically on the platform. 

Linkedin now has one-click subscribe URLs to make it easier for people to subscribe and be guided to your newsletter, which can be shared on any social media. 

Newsletters will now also be displayed under a users name where their connections and subscribers can have easy access to the latest newsletter available. 

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Tiktok Introduces New Video Insights Element to Allow Creators to Dig Deeper into Content Trends. 

Tiktok are hoping to allow its’ creators gain a better understanding of their video performance and which specific elements work in each clip with their new video insights analytics element, which can be found in the reporting section of Tiktok Ads Manager.

This new feature allows you tap through Ads Manager to get specific insights about the performance of each of your uploaded videos. Creators can now see insights of frame-by-frame engagement, ad spending over time, audience breakdown and comment analysis by sentiment and theme. 

It also allows you to compare your insights against industry benchmarks for each metric. 

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