Instagram’s Rolling Out its New In-App Post Scheduling Tools to Professional Accounts

After weeks of running tests to selected users, Instagram has officially granted all ‘professional’ listed accounts the ability to use in-app scheduling tools. This enables users to schedule photos, carousels and reels direct in the app, up to 75 days in advance.

One of the main benefits of this new feature will be the maximisation of post performance. Users can now reach the correct time zone, plan out content easier and also establish more consistency across platforms.

Another huge advantage of this update is that users are now being able to cut out the use of 3rd party scheduling apps. With Instrgram tightening their rules and regulations, and now often deactivating accounts that are linked to third part apps, this update should see a reduction of accounts being deactivated.

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Musk Hints at Additional Twitter Verification Elements

Twitters new CEO, Elon Musk, has had to suspend his new subscription service. 

The service was originally set up to allow all users the chance to be ‘blue tick verified’ by paying a monthly subscription fee of £6 ($8 USD). Musk said this service was mainly set up to bring an extra income for the company.

However, there have been major concerns about users taking advantage of the service to impersonate, misrepresent and demanimate people and brands. As a result of the chaos this subscription service has caused, and even ensuing major stock impacts, ​​Twitter has stepped back and removed the new application from live deployment.

Musk admits that it ‘needs some tweaking,’ but he anticipates that the blue ticks will be available again very soon.

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Our hot take on Twitter “rival” Mastodon

With the recent issues around Twitter surrounding the takeover of the company by Elon Musk, platform such as Mastodon have started to become a little more popular in the world of social media.

The brand new German-based platform follows a very similar forms to Twitter, using elements such as ‘reblogging’ posts and adding comments and ‘favourites’ onto the posts a user would like to interact with. 

The platform also has some interesting features such as adding alt text to describe the imagine for people who are visually impaired, alongside a range of unique emojis that mostly contain mastodons – an extinct animal which the app got it’s name from.

Despite the hype of this challenger brand, it’s very clear the platform is still in its early development stage, with one reported issue being the six hours registration process when signing up.

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