TikTok Announces New Support Initiatives for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

The 27th of February marked the start of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, so in an attempt to highlight critical information around the subject, TikTok recently announced its partnership with NEDA. TikTok is also looking to work with various creators on the platform on pieces of content which will showcase key tools to help those who may be suffering from eating-related issues.

Users of the platform will receive in-app alerts raising awareness about NEDA and providing basic information about eating disorders. Various TikTok creators will also be sharing their experiences and recovery journeys by using the hashtag #ItsTimeforChange.

NEDA reports that eating disorders impact the lives of 28.8 million Americans, and millions more around the world, with people aged 12 through to 25 making up 95% of all cases. With TikTok being one of the best platforms to reach a younger audience, the partnership looks set to be a success.

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New Meta Report Reveals LadBible is the Most Viewed Page on Facebook

Meta’s ‘Widely Viewed Content Report’ was recently released, providing insight into what type of content performs best on the platform with the aim to give content creators tips to utilise their content creation.

The underlying conclusion from the report is that generally light, humorous content  gets the most traction on Facebook – which shows that politics doesn’t dominate the feed as much as it used to on the platform. A look at the most widely viewed domains on the platform shows that YouTube and TikTok clips dominated proceedings, being the most shared content on Facebook with nearly 300m total viewers.

LADbible placed first when it came to the most viewed pages on Facebook with UNIlad finishing up just behind them. In terms of specific links to articles, stories about celebrities dominated, along with a report on the closure of Splash Mountain, twins born from frozen embryos, a woman who ‘bought nothing for an entire year’, and news presenters getting snarky on live crosses.

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Linkedin Updates Ad Targeting Criteria to Assist With B2C Campaigns

A new update to the platform has given businesses looking to promote across Linkedin more ways to target their customers. Over 120 new Product interest options have been added in an attempt to help refine audience targeting.

LinkedIn claims that there are now over 400+ professional interest categories, across business technology, financial management services, cybersecurity software and more. This can be used to hone in on your specific target audience, and maximise results from your LinkedIn ad spend.

With more users turning to LinkedIn than ever before, the new targeting system could be major for B2C customers looking to gain an edge over their competitors by initiating a different kind of marketing.

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TikTok Announces New Brand Safety and Suitability Partners

TikTok’s most recent announcement concerned the announcement of a new set of official measurement partners. These partners are set to provide third-party data on TikTok ads placement and performance with the aim of providing more reassurance to TikTok ad partners.

The three measurement providers also work with Meta and YouTube to provide the same service, which enables advertisers to ensure that their promotions don’t appear alongside potentially offensive material.

Reports have suggested that TikTok can highlight conspiracy theories and misinformation at times, alongside criticising the platform for issues with advertisements and content in the past, and so these new partnerships will help advertisers avoid any potentially harmful association with such.

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