New ‘Campaign Maximising’ Ad Tools Coming to Meta

During its presentation at ShopTalk 2023, Meta announced two new ad types: managed partner ads, for businesses to more effectively target customers with CRM insights, and local inventory promotions for a more targeted approach.

The new process of Manager Partner Ads enables retailers to work with retail media networks via their CPG partners to improve their ad targeting, providing new personalised ad options for retailers. In essence, the system provides retailers with the capability to use their own CRM data, via a media network/partner, to enhance the targeting of their ads.

In addition, Meta is testing local inventory ads, which allow businesses to dynamically target users near their stores with relevant product availability and pricing. It could also be a way to reach local audiences with highly relevant, dynamic promotions based on the tracking enabled on their devices.

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A Week of Scrutiny and Security Breaches for Twitter

Twitter has recently announced that as of April 1st, they will be winding down their legacy verified program and removing legacy verified checkmarks. In doing so, they are attempting to boost Twitter Blue and Verification for Business subscribers by prompting them to start paying for their blue tick instead. Accounts that were deemed as verified before Twitter Blue was introduced to the platform will lose their verification tick on their account unless they sign up to Twitter Blue.

This announcement has led to a significant backlash against the already heavily criticised platform, which has come mostly from those accounts that have existing legacy verification ticks, with Civil rights lawyer Alejandra Caraballo sarcastically tweeting “They’re eliminating legacy verified on April Fool’s Day, absolutely no way this won’t backfire”.

Alongside the scrutiny that they have faced this week, Twitter has also seen its source code leaked by an apparent ex-employee. The main threat of source code leaks is that it effectively provides hackers with a map of potential vulnerabilities, which could leave Twitter more susceptible to attacks in future.

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YouTube’s New Podcast Analytics Provide Insightful Hashtag Recommendations

Among the new features YouTube is rolling out for podcast creators is a new experiment that recommends hashtags that they should use in their uploads. This comes as an attempt to maximise the engagement on long-form clips on the platform which comes as a continued trend for YouTube over the last few years.

Aside from this, creators will be able to upload and manage podcasts directly from YouTube Studio and designate existing playlists as podcasts, helping to improve podcast uploads and management.

YouTube has been gradually developing more podcast tools, as it moves to align with growing audio usage on the platform. This comes as YouTube Music now has more than 77 million paying subscribers, and while visual elements remain central to the platform’s broader offering, there’s clearly significant interest in audio-based content as well.

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Snapchat Provides Vital Tips On Maximising Platform Presence

Snapchat has been sending out a pitch deck to users that have been selected for its ‘Snap Stars’ influencer promotion program. Snapchat describes Snap Stars as public figures or creators who bring some of the best and most entertaining content to Snapchat.

By joining the program, ‘Snap Stars’ are eligible to have their content featured across the app. Once creators are accepted into the program, Snapchat provides them with a range of suggestions on how to create more effective, app-specific images and clips. 

Tips provided to these creators include posting 20-50 snap stories per day in a bid to keep customers engaged, posting content to Snap Maps to allow consumers to discover their content easier and using captions as there is a growing trend of consumers who will watch Snapchat content without audio on due to the location they are watching the video (On public transport for example).

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