Twitter Crack Down on Messaging Encryption

A new update to the Direct Messaging function of Twitter is set to roll out this month. Alongside the heavy focus on Encryption in this update, the platform is also set to let users reply to individual DM’s in a chain whilst also allowing users to interact with a direct message with any emoji, as opposed to the existing 7 presets.

The biggest part of the update is the all-new encrypted DMs, which would see Twitter move more in line with Meta, Whatsapp and other messaging apps in terms of providing increased privacy for its users.

Twitter users will be given the option to enable encryption in their DM’s and once this is enabled they will see a notification in your chat thread that ‘Messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption’. That will mean only the chat participants can view the contents of these discussions, which will provide more reassurance and privacy.

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LinkedIn Launches AI-Powered ‘Collaborative Articles’

LinkedIn has recently announced that it will begin using AI to expand the content on the platform, beginning with a new initiative known as ‘Collaborative Articles’. The feature will use AI-generated prompts to then call on specific users for their expertise and input for the articles.

A note will indicate how many LinkedIn members contributed to the collaborative articles displayed on the LinkedIn feed. There will also be a button for users to add their own perspective to the AI-created piece, so they will be able to see contributor elements highlighted within the article.

By doing this, LinkedIn hopes to boost its members’ exposure for their skills and experience, as well as help them add more followers and connections.

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Snapchat Enables Users to Restore Their Lost Snap Streaks

Snapchat streaks track how many days in a row a user and their friend have sent Snaps to each other, with one user on the app getting so attached to the feature that they reportedly reached a 2,800-day streak with their friend. Evidently, this feature has become widely popular amongst the platform’s younger userbase and as such losing a streak has been known to cause arguments between friends.

With that in mind, Snapchat has announced a new offering which will enable users to restore their Snap streaks once they have been lost with their friends. Users will soon be shown a pop-up option next to their friend in question to restore a streak, with a ‘Restore’ symbol also displayed in their chat inbox.

Snap notes that users will be able to restore a chat for free, one time. But beyond that, it’ll cost them. Once they use up your free restore, users will have the option to buy additional restores, for 99 cents each time, which will provide another way for Snap to add incremental revenue.

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Meta Cuts Prices of VR Range Again

After increasing the price of their VR Headset just 6 months ago, Meta have announced that their VR range is set to see prices slashed. The 256GB Quest 2 has been reduced by £58.15, now priced at £356.40 per device whilst the Quest Pro has been reduced majorly, dropping by £415.38 to be priced at under £850 per device.

The drop in price has actually come from the fact their ad business is getting back on track. It is reported that due to this past issue slowly being fixed, they are becoming more confident in the future of the platform and therefore are attempting to invest more in VR and the expansion of the Metaverse.

The price reductions are intended to increase Meta VR’s user base. Meta’s VR environment can never become the all-consuming, all-purpose, omnipresent experience it claims to be without any users, and as VR headsets are the key to getting that experience, Meta is looking to tempt people to invest in the future.

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