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Rogue Meta outage leaves users confused

On Tuesday 5th March, Meta experienced a global fault that left users mysteriously unable to access their accounts. The numbers could be in the millions of users who could not enter their accounts, or the applications at all. 

Despite rectifying the issue as soon as possible, any further technical issues could lead to scepticism in the platform. In an attempt to mock Meta further, Elon Musk posted on X “if you’re reading this post, it’s because our servers are working”.

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TikTok launches Trends Digest series

TikTok has launched a monthly digest featuring trends that have been gaining traction on the app, whilst also including tips on how to include them into content. 

The list takes a broader view of what’s gaining traction at the moment, and makes reference to the differences they see in trend moments (what’s trending now) and trend signals (made up of numerous smaller trend moments.)

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More tracks to be removed from TikTok as dispute with Universal continues

TikTok’s failure to reach a new licensing agreement with Universal continues to rumble on, putting many more songs at risk to be pulled from the platform. Universal is pushing all tracks towards which its artists have even contributed, to be removed from the platform. 

Some industry insiders have suggested that 80% of music on the app could be removed, which would be a blow to TikTok. For those who use TikTok for content creation, creating sounds without music is a good way to ensure that videos will not be muted. 

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Meta’s creator bonus to include more incentives for talent

Updates to Meta’s creator bonus include removing the restrictions on how much creators can earn from the program per month, as it was previously capped at $30,000. Now creators can earn an unlimited sum of money, which will drive them to prioritise Meta apps when posting content. 

The program is still invite only, and creators from a wider range of countries around the world are now eligible for invite. Meta’s program ensures that it remains relevant to influencers and creators, and the invite only scheme is something to work towards. 

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Elon Musk sues OpenAI for breach of contract

Musk is suing OpenAI and chief executive Sam Altman, accusing the company of putting profit over humanity after signing an investment deal with Microsoft. Claiming that they are developing an artificial general intelligence (AGI), Musk has stated that it poses “a grave threat to humanity”. AGIs are theoretical forms of AI that can perform tasks above human levels, and, some experts believe, could evade human control and endanger the planet. 

The lawsuit filed by Musk has been criticised for having insubstantial grounds, as there does not appear to be a contract further than an email agreement. 

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Post scheduling and more being tested for Threads

For social media managers who have been testing the waters with Threads – it’s about to get easier. The platform has launched a live test of its API which has enabled content scheduling in some third party apps. 

There will also be the addition of analytics, to allow more ways for brands to focus on engagement. Threads has focused on building a conversational, less brand-focused feed. However, the app will need to facilitate more posting pathways wherever it can to increase user engagement and numbers. 
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