YouTube Publishes New Guide to Utilising YouTube Shorts

Given that over 1.5 billion YouTube users now engage with Shorts content each month—roughly equivalent to 75% of the platform’s overall user base—consider whether including short video clips in your YouTube strategy and how you can utilise the format to the fullest.

As a result, YouTube has just published an updated, 31-page overview of YouTube Shorts that covers everything from creating your video clips to editing, trend guidance, analytics, and more.

It is crucial to carefully consider if Shorts are a suitable fit for your content strategy given the quickly expanding usage of Shorts, which presently has over 30 billion daily views.

Is YouTube trying to tackle the rising social relevance of TikTok with their YouTube Shorts? So far, the look and feel of the YouTube Shorts section within the app has a strong resemblance to the TikTok interface. We would be very interested to see if this new way of sharing video clips on YouTube will take off, or if people are used to the platform’s rich 17 year history of long-form content sharing to even give YouTube Shorts a chance.

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Instagram Tests New ‘Add Topics’ Option in the Reels Upload Process

Instagram is exploring a new strategy to enhance its Reels suggestions with certain users now having the option to add topics to their Reels uploads. Users will be able to better classify their material as a result.

Reels definitely seem the way to go on Instagram these days with the content out-performing static grid posts tenfold. Allowing users to target their content towards their desired audience rather than the audience that Instagram thinks would like to see it, ensures that content we have all spent so long filming and editing, might finally be seen by those we intended to create it for. 

Instagram has been under a lot of fire recently for choices that they have made regarding feed algorithms, is this Instagram’s way of putting creators back in charge of who sees their content?

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Meta Provides New Insights Into How its Video Distribution Algorithms Work

In general, video is Meta’s most engaging content format, accounting for roughly half of all time spent on Facebook. As a result, it’s no surprise that Meta keeps encouraging users to share more Reels as a way to get more people spending more time in its apps, while also helping to boost their presence and reliance on its tools.

Meta has released a new overview of the key elements that it considers when determining how far your video posts will reach.

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Pinning comments on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has given users the ability to now pin a comment within the LinkedIn post reply section, following the footsteps of similar Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

This feature could encourage more of a guided and relative conversation within a post, or simply acknowledge users that have engaged with your post in a creative or thoughtful way.

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