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Wanting to supersize post-holiday promotions? Meta’s has the answers…

The period from just after Christmas into mid-January (Q5) can be a strain for many businesses as they try and push for the last of the year’s sales but what would happen if it didn’t have to be? Meta has just released their “Post-holiday,

peak performance” report giving insights into how to “unlock new sales opportunities” during this time.

“Meta’s Seasonal Holidays Study” found that 41% of shoppers claimed their shopping carried on after the Christmas period which could be due to “seeking sales and discounts, making returns, redeeming gift cards and spending their cash gifts.” This opens up the opportunity for businesses to capitalise on these customers and provide them with the “quality deals” they desire.

The top 4 themes around just after the festive period are sales and discounts, self-gifting, New Year resolutions and gratitude- focusing creative content around these will increase engagement as audiences will resonate and be more inclined to interact.

They have suggested a budget for businesses not wanting to be spent after the festive period using the new feature of “budget scheduling” to set a reduction in paid ad amplification around the period where the business hits a peak to give more control around prioritised spending.

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Pinterest is at the forefront of inclusivity as they announced their latest live test of body type search filters

The “visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more” has now set a live test enabling users of the social networking platform to search based on a range of body types to choose from.

Businesses within apparel industries should find that if their content is inclusive and diverse, their conversion and traffic to websites may increase as audiences will relate to their content more.

For users, this will facilitate more directed quality searches improving their experience by using visual ID to match relevant content. Skin tone and hair type matching are also filters that have been added to the search engine.

Could Pinterest be paving the way for other platforms to encourage inclusivity and diversity?

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On the 7th day of Christmas, TikTok gave us the ‘Open House’ AR showcase event

TikTok has announced its newest virtual event being held on the 12th of December 2023 to showcase the most up-to-date elements to jump onto.

Open House is TikTok’s creation platform that enables users to curate their own “interactive digital experiences” with the latest AR in their TikTok content creation. By using this tool, it is expected that TikTok will recognise this and will therefore be favoured by the algorithm over accounts that do not. And it will allow for higher engagement levels as audiences enjoy interactive experiences.

AR is set to be part of many brands’ 2024 plans with Meta, Apple and brands such as Ray Bans already releasing AR glasses – this is something to keep an eye out on and consider for your business’ marketing plans. 

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LinkedIn reveals its new ad measurement updates

LinkedIn has added new features to their ad performance measurement tool to help with analytical analysis.

Conversions API will you to understand the behaviour and actions of audiences who have been exposed to your LinkedIn ads without cookies. The new updates allow you to “connect both your online and offline data to LinkedIn”, to see how your campaigns influenced actions taken.

Improved website actions tracking now allows for automated tracking to capture actions based on CTAs, page visits, and data which will improve data intake leading to better management of ads. This was their response to an understanding of marketer’s frustrations with manually adding conversion rules.

Updates for document ads are set to help LinkedIn ads be more cost-efficient by enabling “retargeting, integrating new objectives, like website visits and website conversions”.

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