Instagram Moves to Next Stage of Development with Creator ‘Media Kit’ Option

Instagram is attempting to secure more influencer marketing deals with its new Media Kit creation option.

The feature has been tested last month, however development seems to be gaining speed with the platform adding a new flash intro screen and rebranding the feature as a ‘creator portfolio’.

The ‘creator portfolio’ enables creators to share their portfolio directly with potential businesses to showcase their talent and thus making it easier for specific influencers to secure deals with brands.

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TikTok’s reportedly still planning to launch live shopping in the US

It looked for a while that TikTok would be giving up on shopping in the US – over the last few months, however, new reports suggest that the company is looking to partner with Californian-based shopping company TalkShopLive in an attempt to launch live shopping features in the US.

TalkShopLive’s technology, used by companies such as Walmart and MSN, would allow TikTok’s creators to host live shopping streams on the platform and sell directly to the users of the app.

Despite the rumours of this new deal coming into place, the company was seen to be scaling back investment in the online shopping feature after a set of mediocre results from its European investments.

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Meta’s NFT Display Tools Extend to All US Instagram and Facebook Users

Meta has announced that all of its American-based users can now post digital collections of NFTs on the app, including features that give other users extra detail as to the background of certain NFTs.

This follows the company’s initial launch of NFT display options back in May which allowed users over on Instagram to showcase their NFTs on the feed, across their stories and also in private messages.

The display process includes a ‘Digital Collectible’ overlay to signify that it is an NFT, while there’s also a hexagonal icon with a tick inside to signify that this user has connected their NFT details in the app.

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Twitter Leans into Emerging Video Trends with New Video Showcase Elements

It’s no well-kept secret that video content is currently on the rise in the world of social media, and amid recent struggles to match competitors’ utilisation of the demand for video content, Twitter is looking to introduce its very own feature to improve video experience on the platform.

One of the key features of the new update is that tweeted videos now expand to full screen when in portrait orientation rather than the cropped landscape orientation used in the past.

In addition to this, Twitter’s also looking to put more emphasis on video content in Explore, with a new ‘For you’ video carousel display.

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