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TikTok posts from British teens set to influence election result

Young British teens (who aren’t even old enough to vote) are becoming “accidental influencers” with their posts outperforming official party content on major social platforms.

Tolu, 15 posted a video from her bedroom “criticising politicians’ anti-immigration rhetoric” which reached tens of thousands of viewers rapidly.

Will,16 has expressed his shock; he feels his political content is breaking news to the public, not the mainstream media anymore. 

Is this for the foreseeable?

Another accidental influencer Georgia (an 18-year-old Edinbrough student) has shared her concern about the lack of context in these viral videos.

“If you post with the idea that your post could be seen by millions, then you’d probably be a lot more careful about what you’re saying,” she says.

Listening to the thoughts and opinions of young people is an incredible opportunity for politicians to learn what motivates future voters, but it also poses a risk of influencers sharing misleading and inaccurate information at speed.

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Instagram’s Chat Widgets Driving Engagement

Instagram is testing new add-on widgets to their “Direct Messages” with an aim to boost engagements and keep people communicating with each other within the interface.

The new experimental widgets include:

  • Countdown – Create a countdown in the chat
  • Timezone – Display the local time of each chat participant
  • Pinned content  – Quickly access pinned content

An exciting opportunity arises here for brands, as they could explore pushing promotions to customers through an urgency tactic of attaching a “timer widget” 

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Meta Introduces Broadcast Channel to Pages with Over 10K Followers

Meta is now allowing pages on Instagram and Facebook with more than 10,000 followers to generate broadcast channels after the success of Instagram’s launch in 2023 along with additional features to Instagram’s current broadcast channels.

The move is poised to deepen engagement and foster stronger connections between Pages and their followers on the platform.

This opportunity can allow for automated aligned key messaging to be broadcasted out across multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which will build consistency and therefore brand trust and loyalty.

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TikTok Sale Day vs Amazon Prime Day 

TikTok is launching a rival shopper moment to Prime Day with “Deals for you Days” across the TikTok platform further positioning their power to drive sales.

Kicking off on the 9th of July (ahead of the next Prime Day 12th – 15th of July), TikTok will feature discounts on a wide range of items, such as clothing, beauty products, books, and home decor.

This will further commercialise the trend of “#TikTokmademebuyit” so expect big things from next week onwards.

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TikTok Covers Your Back-to-School Marketing Tactics

TikTok has just released its 2024 Back to School Playbook for how to create more effective promotions around the calendar period.

The “playbook” outlines:

  • Key search queries
  • Key product categories
  • How to maximise messaging
  • Timeline of interest points

This will aid brands to maximise their efforts and value to have a successful season period.

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Going, Going and … : X’s Revenue Has Officially Abated

According to new documents from Bloomsberg, it has shown that X’s revenue has plummeted by 40% and its financial health has been unstable since Elon Musk’s takeover.

Due to Musk privatising X, the previous struggling revenue rumours have come from internal leaks however, this data report solidifies the concerns.

Shockingly, this is not scaring Musk off as his plans to make “X” the “everything” app are still in the plan. The next steps are to host payment services like PayPal in the app in an attempt to keep users in the app engaging with features. 

Will this be enough for X to pull its financial strength back or is it too late?

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