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Snapchat shares ad campaign performance data

Snapchat has released a new study into brand and direct response campaigns, and which approach drives more sales activity in the app. 

The study reveals that both methods are effective in driving sales, with a key takeaway being that brand activity drives sales, while combining both brand and direct response encourages even better results. 

The study’s conclusion is that advertisers can generate greater campaign success on Snapchat by increasing their spend across both brand and direct response approaches.

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TikTok Studio takes control

TikTok has launched a new dashboard to allow creators to manage all aspects of their TikTok presence, including video uploads, editing, performance analytics and more. 

The new platform TikTok Studio is an updated version of its creator centre. An attempt to provide users with a streamline access to the app’s functions in one place. 

Although all the tools in this feature have been available for a while, they are now just all located in one place. The platform has also recently launched its new symphony platform which amalgamates all of its various AI ad tools into one hub, with the integration seemingly being a focus of TikTok’s latest product efforts. 

TikTok studio also puts emphasis on its monetisation tools, making it easier for creators to manage all aspects.

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Instagram offers access to experimental features 

Instagram is releasing an early access menu item that is currently being tested in the back-end code of the app. The feature appears to enable users to sign-up to beta test coming projects. 

This will most likely become another element of Meta’s ‘Meta Verified’ paid subscription package. 

Meta Verified enables users to purchase a blue checkmark for their account, along with various other add-on features. Features such as unique stickers are one example of the expanded initiative. 

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OpenAI and News Corp have joined forces 

OpenAI has struck a deal with News Corp, the owner of The Sun, The Times. The Wall Street Journal and New York Post, as well as a separate deal with The Daily Telegraph for the use of OpenAI technology. 

The multi-year agreement gives OpenAI access to current and archived articles from News Corp publications for AI training and to answer user questions. This is the latest string of licensing deals OpenAI has formed with major media companies including, The Associated Press, The Financial Times. However, some major outlets have filed lawsuits against OpenAI like The New York Times after they accused the AI platform of copyright infringement by training AI models on their work. 

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Canva is under construction 

Canva is officially building on its creative toolkit with a redesigned space tailored to businesses. The overhaul of canva enterprise under a new subscription feature allows large businesses to access a range of new workplace learning products and services, editing and AI capabilities. 

These new features are intended to help businesses improve design processes. Canva found that 92 per cent of business leaders now expect employees to possess design skills even in non-design roles. The tools will be able to help businesses customise their workspaces, templates and editing. As well as offering tailored tools to large organisations to support sectors such as sales, marketing, and HR.

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