Meta helps creators use a wider variety of popular music in videos

Meta is helping creators use a wider variety of music in their videos, while also offering another revenue stream for musicians, via a new Music Revenue Sharing program

The programme will enable creators to add licensed music into their content, with music rights holders to take a percentage of any ad revenue subsequently generated. The new programme will be available to videos that are eligible for in-stream ads (60 seconds or longer). 

The programme began rolling out last week to video creators in the US with a global rollout ‘where music is available on Facebook’ in the coming months.

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Snapchat encourages independent Musicians to share their music and make revenue

Meta isn’t the only social platform offering its users a new variety of music, with Snapchat also providing more support to musicians.

Following Snapchat’s first Sounds launch back in 2020 which enabled users to add song clips to their snaps, the platform is now launching a ‘Sounds Creator Fund’  to help emerging independent artists to gain distribution and recognition on the platform via audio uploads that users can then add to their Snaps. 

Independent artists are able to upload their music via DistroKid, providing an avenue for audience connection and exposure but the new creator fund will help to expand upon this, via the addition of funding based on usage, with monthly grants of up to $100,000 on offer to the top Sounds creators that are distributing their music in the app.

The program continues Snap’s approach to boosting usage through cash incentives and with 347 million users, many musicians will definitely be keen to explore the option.

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Instagram’s Boss Explains the Latest Changes in the App Following User Backlash 

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has responded to backlash from users, including the Kardashians, regarding a number of new Instagram updates. 

Users have been sharing a petition on the platform calling for Instragm to ‘stop trying to be TikTok’, in response to its recent algorithm and feed changes that saw video reels being prioritised over pictures, recommended posts from users you don’t follow appearing on users home feed and the full screen feed for pictures and video content. 

Mosseri has reminded users that the full screen feed is still currently in test mode and will not be rolled out to all users, he says that while video has inevitably become more of a focus for the app, photos remain a key element, and ‘part of our heritage’ and that Instagram is committed to showing people more content that they might like as this is ‘one of the most effective and important ways to help creators reach more people’.

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Pinterest Launches Real-Time Analytics in its Mobile App

Pinterest has launched real-time analytics elements within Pin Analytics on mobile, which will provide more data on exactly how users’ Pins are performing at any given time. 

The real-time insights are also available in the web analytics platform but are now officially available to users on the go who can access them through their mobile app. 

Pinterest has noted that real-time insights are not available for audience metrics like ‘Total Engaged Monthly Audience’ and age and gender filters. But users will be able to see overall data in response to their Pins, such as how many impressions their pins have generated, which could be a helpful guide for Pin strategy.

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Twitter’s Close to Launching its New ‘Pin Reply’ Option

Twitter is currently testing a new ‘Pin Reply’ option that would allow users to pin a reply to their tweet to the top of the thread. 

Following initial tests in May, the new feature will mean users could highlight a celebrity engagement they’ve had or their favourite response to their tweet. Brands could also use the feature to their advantage with helping to enhance community engagement, by inviting the most creative replies, then pinning the best response.

The ‘Pin Reply’ option is the latest control element Twitter is introducing following reply controls to Communities and the ability to remove yourself from a tweet conversation. Twitter’s working to give users even more capacity to manage exactly how they engage and interact within the app. 

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