Instagram adds new ‘boost’ promotion option for Reels clips 

Instagram is now enabling brands to amplify Reels clips via a new ‘Boost’ promotion option. 

The new feature will allow brands to reach new audiences and drive more engagement via Reels, which Instagram claims is its fastest-growing format, by allowing them to put paid spend behind the posts. Boosted Reels will be eligible to appear in feed, Stories, the Reels tab and the Explore page to help new customers find content.

In order to be eligible for boosting, clips must be less than 60 seconds, have a 9:16 aspect ratio and must not contain copyrighted third-party IP such as popular music, GIFs etc. 

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Facebook tests new multiple profiles feature that allows users to switch between profiles

Facebook has confirmed it is testing a new feature that would allow users to switch between up to five different profiles from the same account. 

The new feature would enable users to have different profiles for different aspects of their life such as a work profile, family profile and friends profile. Previously the platform has made it hard for users to have more than one profile due to their terms of service, however the new profiles will still follow similar guidelines to singular profiles. 

The move may be to encourage younger users to join the platform and create content similar to what they would create on TikTok and Instagram.  

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TikTok improves accessibility and reaches new audiences with captioning and translation tools

TikTok is in the early stages of rolling out new translation and captioning tools to help more users engage with trending clips in the app. 

One of the new features users can expect to see is auto captions, providing another way for users to add text descriptions to clips, adding important context to the viewing experience, especially in sound off environments. The app is also adding new translation captions and descriptions which will provide translated caption text within clips, helping users around the world to engage with more clips. Lastly, TikTok will be adding translations for text-based stickers and overlays to provide even more context for non-native speakers.

With TikTok’s continued audience expansion around the world, these new features are set to benefit the app’s best performers no matter where they’re posting from. 

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Twitter’s New ‘Status’ Indicators are Nearing Launch

Twitter’s new ‘Status’ feature that it has been developing over the past few months is nearing release. 

The feature will allow users to add a small, customisable status update into their tweets. Some default options include ‘Shower Thoughts’, ‘Hot Take’ and ‘A Thread’ which could eliminate the need for commonly used emojis and free up space for additional characters to use in the actual tweet text. 

Users will be able to tap on tweets that use the status indicator and it will  take you through to a listing of all the tweets that have applied the same activity.

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LinkedIn launches new new carousel posting option 

LinkedIn is providing users with the ability to create carousel posts following users’ makeshift versions over the years. 

The new feature will enable users to choose multiple still images and/or video clips to add to their posts within the update process, which some users will already be able to access. Users can also add alt text within the set up process and can also rearrange the order of  their uploads however they like.  

The new feature is a welcome update from users strategically using the platform’s PDF attachment option to create individual frames as a makeshift carousel. 

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