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Could TikTok help you unlock love this Valentines?

With more than 3.9Bn views of Valentine’s related content in 2023, TikTok is hoping to share the love by encouraging brands to tap into content trends and key product themes during the period. 

In their Valentines Day insight report, they highlight that product purchasing interest around the event include apparel, personal care, meal ingredients, tickets to events, fragrance and alcohol.

They also showcase how search steadily increasing from New Years Day and starting to spike from 1 February.

Although time is tight, there’s still time to be front of mind in this years #valentinedayshaul.

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LinkedIn launches a new sponsored post feature to drive lead gen

The new sponsored post feature allows company pages to promote content with added functionalities, including a range of new Call-to-Actions (CTA) e.g. “Unlock Article” button designed to:

  • Make content more viral on the platform (as opposed to a blog hosted externally)
  • Offer a better UX
  • And drive better lead gen within the platform, without sending readers off to your website to review the full content

This is the first in a series of new features that the platform is introducing as a way to demonstrate great ROI. Paid experts are reserving judgement on the new addition,  keen to test and learn performance first.

At the moment, this is just available from a company page, and not when posted by an individual on behalf of the company.

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TikToks rumoured to be developing AI search

Industry analysts believe that TikTok could be moving towards implementing generative AI search, following developments in the same technology at Chinese sister app Douyin.

With 41% of all online users claiming they have used TikTok for search/discovery in the past, the integration of a chatbot has the potential to further shift TikTok into the role of google as it increases searchability, improves usability and offers greater advertising revenue for the platform owners.

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Ditch the hashtags – says LinkedIn

Hashtags have had a mixed history on LinkedIn, but it’s clear they are no longer being used by the platform to aid discovery. 

As LinkedIn is able to decode and interpret the “whole context of a post’s text, including visuals, user history, and all keywords included”, – for content marketers, the role of the hashtag could be more belt and braces and aid effectiveness. An opportunity to double check all the important industry terms are included to ensure that each post is as effective as it could be.
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