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TikTok follows Instagram with collaborative posts

As Instagram has made moves towards TikTok with the launching of reels in 2020, TikTok has done the same by testing a “Collaboration” feature in the app.

It is suggested that creators will be able to invite up to 5 other creators to make a collaboration post, and that the posts will appear on both creator and collaborator profiles. 

This could be a game changer for brands looking to boost their influencer content on TikTok, to showcase influencer campaigns on feed. 

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Google’s generative AI announcements

At its I/O conference last week, Google announced its new Chat GPT-like response generator to Search, which will completely answer queries in stream, without needing the user to stray onto websites. 

This could be bad news for sites relying on Google for referral traffic, as people will no longer need to access websites for the same information they’ll get from the AI Search. 

This will also have an impact on SEO approach, as websites that have in-depth answers to frequently asked questions on their site will have that pulled by the AI Search instead. However, the AI summaries won’t be shown for all queries, just those detected as good candidates. 

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Would you watch a 60 minute TikTok?

Despite the decreasing attention spans of the TikTok generation, the platform has started testing 60-minute video uploads. This follows the gradual elongation of video length on TikTok, from the original 15 second clips. 

According to TechCrunch, creators “want more time for things like cooking demos, beauty tutorials, educational lesson plans” and more. Earlier this year, TikTok launched an incentivising program to inspire creators to post longer videos in a landscape format. 

But how much demand is there from viewers? Considering Meta’s warning against reels that are longer than 90s seconds negatively impacting results, TikTok is going against the grain with this new test. 

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OpenAI and Reddit form new partnership

Following Reddit’s deal with Google earlier this year, the platform has come to an agreement with OpenAI that will see Reddit information integrated into ChatGPT.

This will bring Reddit insights into the large language model to provide more insightful, contextual answers to questions. 

Reddit usage is rising, meaning this partnership will continue to become even more useful over time for OpenAI. This will be a good deal for Reddit, which recently went public and is looking for ways to maximise revenue potential. 

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Has OpenAI copied Scarlett Johansson’s voice? 

The film star has criticised OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, for insinuating that she is the voice named “Sky” that has been added to ChatGPT. Johansson has said she was “shocked” and “angered” by the company allegedly including her voice after she declined the opportunity to voice the current ChatGPT 4.0 system last year.

Altman referenced the film ‘Her’ on X, in which Johansson voiced an AI that another character fell in love with. Despite this, the CEO has stated that the voice was ‘never intended to resemble’ Johansson’s.

OpenAI has now paused the controversial voice out of respect for the film star. 

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Meta faced with EU investigation over “addictive” algorithms

Last week, the EU claimed that Meta was failing to protect children from the “addictive” Facebook and Instagram algorithms.

The European Commission suspects Meta of violating the Digital Services Act, with its platforms being accused of “stimulating behavioural addiction in children” and collecting too much data to push personalised content.

This follows the investigation that began in April assessing whether the company did enough to limit the spread of misinformation.

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Influencers facing prison time after promoting unauthorised financial investments

Influencers including Love Island and The Only Way is Essex stars are being charged by the Financial Conduct Authority over allegations that they were paid to promote unauthorised financial investments. 

It is the first prosecution against influencers by the FCA for alleged financial promotion breaches. If convicted, they could face up to two years imprisonment. 
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