Meta Launches New Reels Features, Including Stories to Reels Conversion and Improved Analytics

As it attempts to capitalise on the short-form video trend and counter TikTok’s growing influence, Meta has announced some new Reels updates for both Facebook and Instagram, including additional Reels insights, the expansion of the ‘Add Yours’ sticker, and ‘auto-created’ Reels clips. Yes, Reels videos were generated automatically.

The main change is the expansion of the ‘Add Yours’ sticker from Stories to Reels, which provides another way to engage other users via Reels clips.

TikTok’s appeal stems from the fact that it invites people in, with the app’s participatory nature essentially expanding meme engagement by making it easier for users to add their own take.

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Twitter Will Soon Incorporate Podcast Access into its Audio Tab

Even though the audio social craze has subsided, Twitter is still convinced that its audio alternatives have a future as it develops Spaces and a separate audio tab, even though listener counts don’t appear to indicate any significant user interest.

According to the most recent discoveries in the back-end code of the app, Twitter’s next major push on this front appears to be coming shortly with its new ‘Stations’ strategy, including well-known podcasts alongside Spaces, both live and recorded, now close to a debut.

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TikTok Provides New Tips on the Value of its ‘Instant Page’ Ad Display Option

TikTok launched ‘Instant Page’ earlier this year, allowing brands to connect their TikTok ads to a lightweight, native landing page built within TikTok itself, which loads up to 11x faster than standard mobile pages. TikTok users can view videos and images, swipe through carousels, and even click on buttons to explore another destination via Instant Page, all without leaving TikTok.

This can assist brands in alleviating concerns about slower load times and delays, which can cause potential customers to lose interest – particularly TikTok users, who have increasingly short attention spans. More than that, TikTok says in a new tips post that Instant Page can be great for providing additional contextual detail and insight to boost campaign performance.

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