TikTok’s BeReal clone is now available as standalone app outside the US

TikTok has launched its brand new sister app ‘TikTok Now’. This app is very close in style to ‘BeReal’ – a platform that encourages users to show what they are doing in real-time, focusing on authenticity of people’s content.

Like BeReal, TikTok Now will send a random notification every day to users, encouraging a photo or video to be snapped with their phones on both cameras at the same time. Users have a three minute window to snap their photos or up to 10-minute long videos to participate. 

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Snapchat For Web Is Now Available To Everyone

Snapchat for web is a platform that lets users chat and video call with friends. The conversations you share then sync between devices.

This is a first for Snapchat, who are notorious for being a mobile-only platform, where images are shared in real time and often expire within seconds of being sent.

This update gives users more space to chat and video call within one unique window. With more than 100million people utilising Snapchat’s call feature each month, this feature is a pivotal update in order to retain their large user base.

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LinkedIn introduces ‘Focused Inbox’ 

Giving a more polite approach to the typical spam folder, Linkedin has now introduced a new type of inbox to help its users organise their incoming messages under ‘Other’. 

This inbox separates messages into a “Focused Inbox” for your most relevant messages and an “Other” inbox, which essentially acts as a spam folder. 

How exactly Linkedin is filtering and prioritising messages is unclear but it is designed to adapt to your preferences and make messaging easier. This new feature also presents sales/recruitment teams as sponsored mail or copy and paste outreach may have the potential to shift directly to the ‘Other’ inbox. 

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Instagram Testing the ‘Repost’ Feature

Instagram has recently started testing a repost feature, changing the way that people use the app and interact with their followers. Some users have already begun resharing posts directly to their feeds, giving similarity to retweeting or sharing a post on a story.

Currently reposting is available on Instagram, through third-party apps only — so making this an in-app feature could go a long way to shaping the evolving Instagram culture.

However, it does begin to blur the line between what makes these social media platforms unique in themselves, with a lot of them slowly introducing features that mimic one another, taking away the individuality of the app. 

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