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Tech Giants sign an AI pledge to Confront Deep Fakes

With at least 63 countries set to hold national elections in 2024, 20 firms including Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta and X have voluntarily signed a pledge to commit to “deploy technology to detect and counter” “deceiving content”.

The rapid AI technology advancements mean that we are beginning to discover deep fake content of opinion leaders and formers which users can not decipher whether it is legitimate or not and potentially may guide their voting decisions.

Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft stated “We have a responsibility to help ensure these tools don’t become weaponised in elections,” and that the pledge should minimise damage that can be caused by AI generated content. 

However industry experts are concerned that the uncoerced pledge will “do little to prevent harmful content being posted”

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Meta suggests using desktops to avoid IOS boosting fees

Apple is beginning to charge IOS users a 30% charge for boosted posts when purchased within the application.

Meta seems dissatisfied with Apple’s decision to implement this charge after years of dispute and have bitten back; advising users to use their desktops to make purchases on amplifying posts to avoid fees.

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Instagram Trials Exciting Carousel Reels: A New Spin in the Making!

It is no surprise with Reels being Instagram’s fastest growing content type that the next new in-feed trend for Meta is Carousel Reels.

The newest feature will grant users the ability to “post multiple videos and/or still images in a single Reels post”. You can utilise this feature to expand and more deeply develop your business narrative through content.

Will rival TikTok be the next to follow?

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Colourful Projections: Pinterest Unveils 2024’s Hottest Colour Trends

Pinterest has introduced “The Pintrest Palette” as a new element/add on to their yearly report “Pinterest Predicts” which will use their platform data on the trending topics to create a custom palette and give insight into search terms surrounding the hues.

The top colours of 2024 are Gummy Pink, Desert Orange and Aqua Blue. How will you use these in your creative assets?

The aim for this report is to guide businesses to make more informed and conscious decisions towards their creative output to maximise exposure.

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Reddit Commercialises Content With New AI Training Deal

Reddit has inked a landmark deal to licence its vast user-generated content for an “unnamed large” AI company for training purposes. Previously, AI companies trained their data without gaining consent which is leading to legal queries. 

This agreement marks a significant move in leveraging the platform’s extensive collection of user-generated data, including comments, posts, and other user interactions, to enhance AI models.

The deal highlights Reddit’s recognition of the value of community-driven content and its strategic effort to monetise it. 

This move could potentially lead to improved AI technologies that better understand and interact with human language and behaviour. However, concerns about user privacy and data protection linger

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