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Instagram Carousel’s are expanding

Instagram is testing expanded carousel posts, allowing select users to include up to 15 images in their IG carousel uploads offering brands an opportunity to provide a more comprehensive context for product announcements and listings.

Certain users are receiving notifications informing them of the ability to add up to 15 images to a single post, surpassing the existing limit of 10 images per carousel.

Though seemingly small, this change could significantly alter how content is shared within the app.

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LinkedIn is expanding its sponsorship options to allow brands to sponsor any organic post within the app

LinkedIn is broadening its Thought Leader ads to encompass a new form of branded content promotion, allowing businesses to promote content from any user on the platform, not exclusively their employees.

Previously, brands could utilise Thought Leader ads to elevate posts from verified employees within their organisation. Now, however, businesses will have the option to promote posts from non-employees as well.

While members retain the ability to opt out of brand promotions, brands can now convert testimonials, reviews, comments, and any image or video post into a promoted post, provided the partnership aligns with the user’s preferences and permissions.

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TikTok Adds New Influencer Audio Clips to its Commercial Sounds Library

TikTok has expanded its “Sounds for Business” audio library by adding new audio clips from various popular TikTok influencers. These clips are now available for advertisers to use in the app for free. 

The update enables advertisers to use familiar voices in their TikTok promotions through audio clips recorded by popular creators on the platform. Sound is a crucial part of the TikTok experience, with 88% of users recognizing its importance, incorporating these audio clips can enhance engagement. Additionally, 73% of TikTok users say that sounds make them stop and watch an ad, highlighting the importance of sound in advertising effectiveness. 

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Social media posts are being added to business listings on Google 

Google Business profiles have added a new feature called “Social Media Updates.” This feature allows business owners to display their latest social media posts on their Google Business profile. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and X accounts can be linked via the Google Business dashboard.

Google automatically populates the social post previews based on the linked social profiles. Although business owners can manually link their social media accounts, Google may add social media links to eligible Business Profiles automatically in certain cases.

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AI legislation has been passed in the EU

The European Parliament voted in favour of the AI Act on Wednesday, which is an all-encompassing legislation to govern the use of artificial intelligence throughout the European Union. The aim of the AI Act, which was first introduced in 2021, is to regulate AI without impeding innovation across the 27-country bloc, through a risk-based approach. This act comes eight years after European lawmakers passed landmark legislation on another key topic: data privacy.

This landmark legislation establishes new guidelines for developing and deploying AI systems and tools, while also enforcing transparency requirements. The regulations cover a wide range of concerns such as copyright, intellectual property, data privacy, health and safety, and various ethical issues. 

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