Snap developing Snapchat Plus subscription service

Snap is developing a paid subscription service called Snapchat Plus which will give users access to a range of exclusive pre-release features and extras.

According to initial reports, the additional features include:

  • A new profile badge to show you are a Plus user
  • New data insights, including the ability to see a friend’s location history
  • The capacity to pin a user as your best friend

This follows the launch of Twitter’s own paid subscription service Twitter Blue that has so far only seen modest uptake. Snap will be hoping its version performs better on release and will likely develop more ahead of its eventual launch.

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Meta announces avatar fashion store

Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users will soon be able to dress their virtual avatars in digital outfits from designer fashion brands at the new Meta Avatars Store.

The store has launched with a range of options from fashion houses Balenciaga, Prada and Thom Browne. However, the broader scope of the store will be to enable digital creators to launch their own fashion items which they sell and generate income.

Virtual avatars are fundamental to all social interaction in Meta’s vision for the Metaverse. Self-expression through clothing upgrades could prove to be extremely popular and lucrative for designers.

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Twitter launches new Product Drops shopping feature

Twitter has announced it is rolling out a new shopping feature called Product Drops, which will let brands tease and promote new launches within the app.

Shoppers will see a ‘Remind me’ button at the bottom of a Product Drop tweet. After they click it, they will receive in-app alerts in their Notifications tab 15 minutes before and at the time of the drop. Tapping that notification when the drop goes live will then pull up a ‘Shop on website’ button that redirects to the merchant’s website.

Since its launch, Twitter’s shopping module has become popular with savvy shoppers swapping tips on where to find bargains and information about product launches and restocks. This new feature could prove to be a useful addition for these shoppers and brands alike.

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Snapchat shares report on the value of AR for eCommerce

AR is already changing the online shopping process and the way customers connect with brands. And with the development of AR glasses from Snapchat, Apple and Meta, the opportunities for brands are growing.

Snap has looked at the emerging role the AR is playing in the shopping journey in a new report published on its business blog.

The report is packed full of interesting stats and insights on the power of AR, including that 80 per cent of users feel more confident making a purchase after using an AR tool and 66 per cent of shoppers who use AR are less likely to return their purchases.

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LinkedIn rolls out laughing emoji reaction

It’s been on the cards for a while, and now it is finally here. LinkedIn has begun rolling out a new ‘Funny’ reaction option to the six emoji responses available on LinkedIn posts.

Given LinkedIn’s professional context, laughing was not included in the six original reaction options that instead included ‘celebrate’, ‘insightful’ and ‘support.’ However, that hasn’t stopped users from wanting to post humorous content to the channels.

LinkedIn’s blog, which announced the rollout, has emphasised its beneficial purpose in the platform’s professional setting, recommending how it can be used on a post that ‘offered light-hearted fun in a professional context.’

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