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TikTok Introduces AI-generated Avatars for Ads

TikTok has unveiled new AI-based features to enhance its advertising capabilities, including AI-generated avatars and language dubbing for creator content.

Creators can now use AI to generate avatars that represent them in ads, broadening the creative possibilities and reducing production costs. The dubbing feature allows users to reach a global audience by automatically translating and dubbing in different languages.

While these features promise to revolutionise the future of advertising on social media, concerns have been raised about the potential misuse of AI-generated avatars and the accuracy of the language dubbing

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Instagram Testing Ad Overlays on Users’ Stories

Instagram is now testing a new ad format that overlays ads directly onto user stories. This disrupts the format’s aims to increase ad visibility and engagement by blending promotional content with user-generated stories. 

While this could drive more people towards the product, there are concerns about user experience and the potential for increased fatigue among consumers.

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What are The Nine Key Trends and Traits for B2B Marketing Success?

LinkedIn’s latest research has revealed essential trends and traits driving success in B2B marketing. The study emphasises the importance of brand building, creative storytelling, and the effective use of data and technology.

Successful marketers also prioritise long-term growth, leveraging multi-channel strategies and focusing on a customer-centric approach. Additionally, aligning sales and marketing teams and investing in professional development is crucial for staying competitive in the evolving B2B landscape.

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Instagram Testing The New Creator Insights for Brands

Instagram is testing enhanced creator insights to help brands better understand creators’ profile performance. 

These new insights aim to provide detailed analytics on audience demographics, engagement metrics, and content effectiveness. 

The goal is to help brands make more informed decisions and optimise their collaborations with creators. This feature will help improve transparency and boost the value of influencer partnerships. 

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Elevate Your Brand With LinkedIn’s Premium Company Pages

LinkedIn has introduced Premium Company Pages, offering enhanced features for businesses to showcase their brand. These upgraded pages include improved analytics, expanded customisation options, and tools for lead generation. 

They aim to help companies attract talent, engage with followers, and drive business growth effectively. With features like job posting and richer content capabilities. Premium Company Pages provide a dynamic platform for businesses to stand out and connect with their target audience meaningfully.

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