Instagram Tests ‘Live Producer’ Tool to Facilitate More Professional Looking IG Live Streams

With a new Live Producer tool, Instagram wants to help live-stream creators maximise their opportunities enabling in-app broadcasters to stream from a desktop PC, and via various third-party streaming platforms.

Creators will use a stream ‘key’ to connect to Instagram Live and as a result, can run content capture through a streaming provider which will then feed into the IG broadcast.

This process will facilitate more professional-looking and customised Instagram Live streams, with support for multiple cameras, external microphones, graphic overlays, and more.

However, not everyone can access it yet –  it’s currently only available to a small pool of beta users.

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TikTok Launches New Tools to Help Protect from Potentially Offensive and Harmful Content

TikTok has added a new set of filters and options to provide more ways to limit unwanted exposure in the app.

The new feature that TikTok says will be available to all users ‘within the coming weeks’, will automatically filter out videos that include words or hashtags that users don’t want to see in their feed. Users will soon be able indicate that in their settings, where you can also block content containing chosen key terms within the description.

As well as the new feature, TikTok will expand its limits on potentially harmful topics, such as dieting and extreme fitness, and introduce a safety ratings tool so advertisers can avoid placing their ads next to potentially controversial content.

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Meta Adds Exclusive Content Options for Paying Subscribers 

With new subscriber-only features, Meta is working to improve revenue and community-building tools for creators to better encourage users to sign up and support creators.

Including new ‘Subscriber Chats’ creators will be able to host exclusive chat sessions that can be activated via a new “join chat” sticker from Facebook or Instagram stories with up to 30 members, creating a more intimate and enclosed environment.

A purple crown badge will indicate that subscriber posts can only be seen by subscribers. Subscriber posts will live on creator profiles in a separate tab.

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These emoji don’t mean what you think they mean..

According to the most recent survey by Slack and Duolingo, 57 per cent of people feel that messages are “incomplete” without emoji.

But, the same number also acknowledge that they have been caught off guard by the fact that certain emoji have more than one meaning. In your personal life, it’s usually okay to mistake an emoji, but in the workplace or in business communication, things may become much more challenging. Depending on the user, their cultural background, and the environment, even emoji that appear very simple can frequently be misconstrued.

As the survey revealed, there’s a whole lot of seemingly inconspicuous emoji that often create confusion in the workplace..

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Instagram Launches Initial Test of New ‘Creator Marketplace’ Influencer Discovery Platform

Today, Instagram released the first test of its Creator Marketplace, which has been in development for a while.

Given the growing focus on Reels, which involves in-depth understanding of trends and usage habits to maximum appeal and resonance, it is a complete tool for locating suitable creative partners for campaignsl.

Brands will be able to manage the whole process, in collaboration with their selected creators, using the new Creator Marketplace, including required deliverables, payment, and other information.

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