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YouTube revolutionises Shorts creation

A new option is now available on YouTube to help creators to reformat long-form content into Shorts. Shorts can be up to 60 seconds long, and are rising in popularity like other short, vertical video platforms. 

The new Shorts editing user interface (which is accessible via the ‘Remix’ option on clips) provides access to editing tools to reformat clips into the Shorts format. These tools can help creators to make more standout Shorts clips, without having to undergo lengthy editing or re-shoot content. 

Shorts is YouTube’s fastest-growing content format, with more than 50 billion daily views within the app. Shorts has enabled YouTube to keep more people in the app for longer, increasing opportunities for brands to boost awareness and engagements with clips. The refreshing new content creation tool will be a great start to the year for many content creators. 

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Threads make a huge blunder

Whilst it was only brief, the accidental option to filter search results chronologically on Threads excited the users it was available to. Some users could sort search results by ‘latest’, enabling them to keep track of real-time discussions, trends and posts in the app.  

However, Threads quickly removed the option and explained that it was a mistake. When asked about the feature last month, it was explained that it would ‘create a substantial safety loophole’, as it would mean ‘spammers and other bad actors’ could ‘pummel the view with content by simply adding the relevant words’. 

This is a tactic used on other social apps, as spammers target popular hashtags to get exposure among unsuspecting users. Despite this, Meta knows that in order to compete with X, real-time discovery will need to be facilitated and evolving news stories will need to be updated as events unfold. 

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Microsoft launches new generative AI tool that is changing the world of online ads

Microsoft has announced that its Retail Media tool will be updated with a new Creative Studio element, enabling users to create new ads with new formats from AI prompts.

Retailers and advertisers ‘can boost creativity and productivity by generating banner creative with ease, thereby improving banner ads’ participation, performance and ultimately revenue’, explains Microsoft. 

The tool can create ads with just a product URL, with users having the ability to further customise for different channels. It could prove to be a crucial tool for building campaigns and optimising ads for delivery on different platforms. 

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Snapchat announces parental oversight improvements

As child safety on social media platforms has been discussed at length in the last year, parents will be breathing sighs of relief as Snapchat rolls out updates to its parental control and supervision tools. These will make it easier for parents to manage their children’s exposure levels in the app. 

Parents can now see an overview of the privacy settings of any teen user assigned to a parent under its Family Center tool, making them privy to location sharing, story viewing and chat settings. These can be edited if a parent deems it necessary. Also, the Family Center is now easier to locate within the app.

Parents also have the option to opt their teens out of the ‘My AI’ generative AI chatbot tool, as some users have discovered it may produce concerning results. For example, early tests of the chatbot would provide teens with advice on how to mask the smell of alcohol, and provide tips on other inappropriate topics. Snapchat has worked to eliminate such responses, but parents may feel better if they opt their child out of being able to interact with the chatbot.
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