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OpenAI Unveils GPT-4o with Enhanced Features for ChatGPT

On Monday, OpenAI launched the newest version of ChatGPT- GPT-4o.

OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer Murati said “We want the experience of interaction to become more natural”.

The latest version has boosted capabilities with the ability to read emotions through visual expressions, voice recognition, image reading and language translation. It also stores memory allowing for recall of previous prompts.

Users will be appreciative of the seamless conversation experience with being able to interrupt the chatbox and the instant responses minimise delays.

Mark Chen, head of frontiers research at OpenAI said you can now “interrupt the model, you don’t have to wait for a response and the model picks up on your emotions”.

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Search Visibility on Google Plummeting Causing News Publishers to Clutch at Straws 

Several news publishers have reported substantial declines in traffic and rankings following the latest update. 

SEO expert Lily Ray said: “The Google updates from September to November 2023 for many website owners, has resulted in a substantial decrease in revenue” as they heavily rely on Google search results for ad revenue and audience engagement.

Sites emphasising scale, typically constructed with the assistance of SEO explainers, seem to suffer the most as they are less optimised for the new Google SGE changes.

Conversely, websites offering enhanced user experiences, achieved through reduced ad presence and a stronger focus on subscriptions, appear to be managing the impact more effectively.

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TikTok Now Declares All Content Generated With AI

It’s all out for everyone to see now!

In a recent press release, TikTok announced that AI-generated content will now be tagged with “Content Credentials”- a digital watermarking technology from the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity.

In light of the upcoming threat of deep fakes coinciding with this year’s elections and Tiktok being one of 20 tech giants that signed a pledge to combat AI misinformation, this feature has come at perfect timing.

Nonetheless, the invisible signals integrated into AI-generated images by some companies have not been widely adopted in audio and video generators. 

Therefore, it remains imperative for everyone to remain cautious when consuming content.

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Are Longer Reels Damaging Your Engagement?

Instagram’s content team have recently revealed that reels that are longer than 90 seconds can “HURT distribution”.

This has confused some as both Instagram and TikTok keep extending the maximum length of videos and encouraging users to post longer content.

However with the depiction of the younger generation’s shorter attention spans, shorter-form content is ideal as it provides more gratification.

So moving forwards, video content should be optimised with a quick hook and a clear message and CTA.

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TikTok Unveils Exclusive Webinar on Creative Performance

TikTok is looking to help brands starting out on TikTok with their marketing performance by holding a free webinar.

The webinar aims to provide insights and strategies for maximising performance on the platform. It will cover topics such as campaign setup, targeting options, creative best practices, and performance measurement.

This initiative underscores TikTok’s commitment to helping advertisers leverage the platform effectively to achieve their marketing goals.

TikTok’s Creative Made Simple webinar will be held on Thursday the 16th of May at 11 am.

You can register for the event here.

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Do Most People Discover Brands on TikTok Now?

At 61%, TikTok users are 1.5 times more likely than users on other platforms to discover new brands and products.

Google has admitted that TikTok is disrupting its core search market as people are “turning TikTok into their go-to search destination.”

The three CTAs that users can take; Swipe to Discover, Tap to Discover, and Search to Discover encourage them to actively choose to continue viewing brands content- 91% acting.

Therefore its highly recommended that brands utilise TikTok as a platform to cultivate brand awareness.

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