‘Creators of Tomorrow’ initiative to showcase aspiring digital artists

Meta’s ‘Creators of Tomorrow’ concept celebrates emerging talent around the world who in turn lead the way in inspiring a new generation of creatives.

Meta hopes that in providing creators with a better platform to build audiences, will lead to them posting more frequently as well as relying on its apps and tools more often.

The new development will feature creators from across Europe, The Middle East and Africa allowing users to see different approaches to the latest trends. 

Over the next year, Meta plans to help the chosen creators expand their audiences and turn their passions into careers.

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Instagram to scale back in-stream shopping elements

Western social platforms have been working to integrate shopping trends into their apps, in order to make their platforms even more addictive as well as facilitate more revenue-generating activity.

However, despite the spike in eCommerce activity driven by COVID, many users are uninterested in the  tools added by both TikTok and Instagram. So much so that Instagram is to begin scaling back its in-stream shopping program, with the high likelihood of scrapping the project. 

Instagram will eventually remove the current Instagram ‘Shop’ tab, replacing it with a simpler and less personal product display.

The move represents a significant shift from Meta’s product development and revenue tools, which were initially focused on in-stream commerce.

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Twitter adds Whatsapp sharing buttons to broaden Tweet engagement in new trial

Twitter is looking to better facilitate the spread of tweets beyond its own platform via a new WhatsApp sharing button for users in India. 

Whatsapp is the most used messaging app in India, highlighting why it’s being tested there. Now Twitter wants to enable users to share tweets directly from the platform to their Whatsapp contacts. The new feature would be a win-win as it would also enable Twitter to track data and keep a tab on tweets being shared,  which they aren’t able to do with users taking screenshots from the platform and privately sharing. 

The new feature could mean further reach and engagement for users and brands on the platform while providing Twitter with the data they want. 

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Instagram is testing a ‘Re-Post’ feature for the Main Feed 

Instagram is now testing a new ‘Repost’ option, which would enable users to amplify any post by re-sharing it to their followers in the app. 

Similar to how individuals can retweet another user’s post on Twitter, Instagram users will be able to share a post from another user, with credit, directly onto their main feed for their followers to see. This comes despite backlash from people on the platform who are frustrated with seeing recommended posts on their main feed from people they don’t even follow. 

Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has vowed to improve the platform’s recommendation systems to ensure users see more content from the people they follow, however he’s also said that personal sharing has switched to DM’s and Stories now anyway so only time will tell. 

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