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Will TikTok become the new Instagram?

With a potential ban in the US, TikTok appears to be formulating a new app “TikTok Photos” sharing only photos and not video content, unlike the traditional purpose of the app. 

Having built its platform on short-form video content, a trend that has now expanded across all social media platforms in different formats including, Instagram, Facebook, and X. It appears TikTok is attempting to take on its competitor, Instagram with the potential release of TikTok photos. Allowing users to sync photo posts between their regular TikTok feed and vice versa. 

There is no official date for its launch however, definitely a social platform to keep an eye out for.  

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How LinkedIn can help you get that promotion

In an attempt to help people manage generative AI, LinkedIn has added new ways it can assist its users with their internal career progression within organisations they already work for. 

The launch of their “Next Role Explorer” provides employees with a visual representation of what their employment future may look like within a business, based upon their career goals. 

This technology will demonstrate to employees how they can progress in their career into their desired role, based upon former and existing team members who have followed a similar employment journey, and the skills required for said progression. 

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Creators can produce long form content to increase profit 

Tik Tok has renewed its “creativity program” releasing the new and improved scheme “Creator Rewards program”, only paying for video content that is longer than one minute. 

Continuously rewarding high-quality content that lasts at least one minute, the lucrative format, has increased total creator revenue by over 250% within the last six months. With the number of creators making over £50,000 nearly doubling. 

“In the coming weeks, eligible creators can sign up to access a new way to strengthen their community with added value through exclusive content and benefits, while providing their most engaged communities an opportunity to connect even deeper with their favourite creators,” TikTok wrote.
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X metrics be gone!

Elon Musk has announced that X will soon hide its users metrics for reposts, likes and replies from its timeline in order to improve its aesthetic. It comes as yet another design tweak for the social platform after the adaption of how links to news articles are displayed. 

This is not the first time Musk has discussed potentially removing user metrics from the app, however the change has now been confirmed in order to improve the app’s readability. 
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FaceBook is supercharging AI algorithms 

Meta is revamping the distribution of its recommended reel content across its feed. The social media platform has made it its priority to compete with TikTok, the app that continuously serves up content in the form of vertical video clips in its popular recommendation engine. 

Replicating this format in Facebook’s content reels has increased watch time by up to 10%, showing that the new structure is much more efficient in adapting to its data. With the intention that its content will not only be more relevant and engaging but the responsiveness to trends and styles will improve too. 

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