And The Winner Is… US!

The Democracy trophy cabinet has shiny new additions in the form of the PRCA Dare Best Media Relations and Best Digital & Social Media awards. They’re recognition of hard work and determination to get our clients the very best outcomes.

At Democracy, we love nothing more than giving challenger brands their time to shine in the spotlight.

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Instagram Adds New Option to Pin Posts on Your Profile

Instagram has officially launched its new option to pin posts on your profile. You can now pin up to three posts (photos or Reels) to remain at the top of your profile grid.

This is all part of the initiative to give creators more flexibility and control over their Instagram profiles, and allowing more creative freedom to be implemented. Instagram is also currently trialling the display customising option of allowing users to re-arrange their entire grid posts, however, there is no confirmation that this will go ahead.

This exciting new pin post feature is now available worldwide, will you be testing it out?

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TikTok Launches Digital Avatars for Use in Clips

TikTok launches new digital avatars that are set to become a critical representation of our real selves as we interact more in virtual spaces.

The avatars are ready to use via the ‘Effects’ panel in the camera view, enabling users to create their own custom character for use across the app. You will be able to choose from a variety of hairstyles, and piercings that reflect your own personal style.

Once created, your Avatar will mimic your motion in a function similar to Apple’s ‘Memoji’, which enables you to use your character as essentially a digital puppet, mimicking your actions when looking at the camera.

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YouTube Takes its Next Steps into Live-Stream Commerce via Beauty Fest 2022

Over the last year, YouTube has been experimenting with live stream commerce elements, and it’s now searching for new methods to increase the reach and engagement of shopping streams.

This year, YouTube’s Beauty Festival will enable viewers to shop what they see directly in the live-stream.

Live-stream shopping has a lot of potential and is already a big thing in Asia. Indeed, Chinese live shopping revenues are predicted to top $400 billion this year..

With the hope of encouraging more direct buying behaviour in the app, time will tell whether YouTube will manage to become the next big real-time, shopping stream platform.

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Linkedin launches a new ad campaign to highlight rising conversations in its app

A new campaign from LinkedIn highlights the power of community and how it can help guide users in their career progression.

With years of uncertainty due to the global pandemic, it has been a period of great reflection and the catalyst for identifying what it is we really want out of life. and is aimed to present LinkedIn’s growing membership as a dinner table conversation, where users can move their respective seat to find the discussions that best suit their interests.

The campaign is now live across the UK, India, and Germany and will run throughout the month of June across several digital and streaming platforms.

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