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Apple (finally) boards the AI train with intelligent integration

Apple announced the integration of OpenAI’s ChatGPT into Siri and its operating systems, aiming to bolster its AI capabilities. Dubbed “Apple Intelligence,” this initiative seeks to personalise user experiences across devices.

X and Samsung have all taken a swipe at their approach accusing Apple of being late to the party. Notable features include the use of ChatGPT in Vision Pro mixed reality headset and updates enhancing user interaction and privacy settings.
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Instagram introduces cross-posting to WhatsApp

Instagram has announced a new feature allowing users to cross-post their Stories directly to WhatsApp, enhancing integration across Meta’s platforms. 

This functionality will streamline content sharing across platforms, making it more convenient for users to reach broader audiences and offers a more authentic way of sharing content. 

Concerns include that the feature might lead to content redundancy, overwhelming users with repetitive updates across multiple apps.
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Snapchat highlights Augmented Reality effectiveness in brand promotion

Snapchat recently released a report that indicated AR content consistently outperforms campaigns in driving brand awareness and campaign outcome.

In their study with Omnicom Media Group and Amplified Intelligence, they reported an increased audience captivity from 2.3 seconds to 12.6 seconds. 

Increases were seen right through the marketing funnel.

Despite the promising potential of AR for brand promotion, challenges remain in terms of accessibility and user adoption. The technology requires users to be equipped with compatible devices and be willing to engage with AR content, which can be a barrier for some demographics, especially amongst an older audience.

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Meta’s AI training data usage sparks privacy concerns

Meta has confirmed that users cannot opt out of having their posts used for AI training, stirring privacy concerns among its user base. This decision is part of Meta’s broader strategy to enhance its AI models by leveraging vast amounts of user-generated content.

The lack of opt-out options raises significant privacy and ethical questions, as users might be unaware that their data is being utilised for AI development. This could lead to increased scrutiny from privacy advocates and potentially impact user trust in Meta’s platforms.
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TikTok implements protection measures ahead of UK election

In preparation for the upcoming UK election, TikTok has implemented a series of measures to safeguard its platform against misinformation and ensure a fair electoral process. These measures include enhanced fact-checking protocols and stricter content moderation policies.

While these steps are crucial for maintaining the integrity of information shared on TikTok, they also highlight the ongoing challenges social media platforms face in balancing free speech with the need to curb misinformation. Effective implementation and enforcement of these measures will be key to their success.
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