Twitter Launches Initial Test of Collaborative Tweets

In yet another TikTok-led trend, Facebook and Instagram have both added co-creation options in recent months, giving users the ability to collaborate on posts, with Twitter becoming the latest to try out collaborative tweets.

This initiative allows for influencer collaborations and cross promotions, facilitating reach to the audiences of both users in the app – a great way to bring awareness to public figures  you like, and help to build their audience – which is where the idea originally stems from, in TikTok’s Duet feature.

This feature is not yet widely available, nor do we know yet who will have access to the option and who won’t – so stay tuned for more updates.

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TikTok Launches Free Marketing Education Series for SMBs

TikTok is launching a brand new initiative to help small businesses learn the most useful tips and tricks to maximising their success on the app.

The initiative is called ‘Follow Me’ – a free education program which includes a range of expert tips and insights to help enhance your TikTok marketing approach.

The six-week, email-based series provides an overview of key best practice notes, including how to set up a free Business Account, how to use TikTok’s Creative Center for content inspiration, and explainers on TikTok’s Ads Manager and other promotion features.

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Instagram Adds New Music Recommendations And Expands Access to Reels Templates 

If you are lacking in creativity, a new feature from Instagram will do the creative framing for you.

Users are now able to create Reels using Instagram’s template feature, which lets them create content based on popular formats. Initially launched back in April, the template option takes users through a frame-by-frame process to create similar-looking clips.

In addition, Instagram will suggest songs based on your uploaded content to eliminate the headache of deciding which song to upload.

Exactly how Instagram recommends different songs for different clips is not clear, but based on these tools, you can avoid making most creative content decisions if you wish.

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Twitter Takeover Deal Officially Terminated by Elon Musk

Since Twitter failed to provide accurate information on the number of fake accounts in circulation, Elon Musk has filed a motion to terminate his $44 billion takeover of the social media platform.

Despite requests for more information, Twitter only provided limited access to the required data, in violation of the terms.

Musk’s team says that, based on discussions, its understanding is that Twitter includes accounts that have been suspended within its active user metrics, meaning that the social platform is still including known fake and spam accounts within publicly reported figures.

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