TikTok Adds Photo Mode for Still Images, Longer Video Captions

In what looks to be a move to hit back at Instagram amid reports of them stealing features from TikTok, the Chinese social media giants have added a ‘photo mode’ onto the platform which enables users to post carousels of still images that other users can scroll through in the app.

The feature opens up a whole host of new creative ways for users to engage their audience and mix their favourite pictures and favourite songs.

TikTok has also announced it will now allow longer captions, with creators now having up to 2,200 characters to accompany each clip instead of the previous 300-character limit.

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Twitter Tests New Pop-Up Prompts to Dissuade Screenshots of Tweets

Twitter has introduced a new feature in which when a user attempts to screenshot a tweet, they will be hit by a pop-up asking them if they would instead like to copy the link to the tweet in question or to share the tweet via Twitter.

This feature is an attempt to stop tweets from leaving the app as the company then has further issues tracking the data and analytics of certain tweets if they are not shared across their platform.

Interestingly, despite Twitter having a lower amount of users compared to the likes of Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, recent data suggests Twitter is the leader in terms of being the source of certain social media trends. Hence this new feature is an attempt to convert this success into an influx of new users.

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Meta Announces 2022 Facebook Communities Summit Event

Meta is set to host a virtual event on the 20th of October, bringing together moderators from various Facebook groups to gain additional insights and tips while sharing previews of upcoming ‘Groups’ tools and features.

The event gives the moderators of smaller groups the chance to understand the best ways of maximising their own Facebook community amid the increase in the number of users opting to join specific groups with the general feed being deemed ‘too political.

Meta has also been working to add more monetization options for groups in an attempt to support brands on the app using their group feature. The ‘Groups’ feature helps brands build connections with their target audiences on a much more personal level.

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Instagram Expands Test of Multiple Links in User Bios

After trialling the feature out for some time now, Instagram has announced further testing into their new feature in which users can add multiple links to their bios on their page intending to expand the business-building potential on the platform.

The feature was first tested in October last year, but one year on it looks like Instagram has almost perfected its new update. It looks as though users will be able to add quite a few links to their bios.

This comes as bad news for companies such as Linktree whose USP is essentially what Instagram is introducing with this new update. 

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