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Google trials new ‘short video’ search filter

Some Google search users may see a new short video filter appear in their search engine on mobile devices.

The filter displays content including YouTube shorts and TikTok videos in a two column format and appears designed to combat the growing trend of browsers using social media platforms as search engines. 

The popularity of short-form video content has been driven by Snapchat and TikTok and quickly piggybacked by apps such as Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

There is not yet any word on a similar filter for a search on the web that is accessible on a desktop, it may be something to look out for in the future. 

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Meta helps browsers recognise AI-generated content

Social media giant Meta plans to enforce “Made with AI” labels to any AI-generated content from May. 

The approach is an attempt to keep creators’ content up whilst providing their viewers with information about how it was made, rather than the content automatically being removed. The policy will apply to content on Facebook, Instagram and Threads. 

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Instagram wants you to know!  

Instagram has now introduced a brand new notification sticker for creators to provide them with a way to keep their audience informed when they post on the app.

Prompts can now alert fans to set a reminder to ensure they see their favourite creators content when they post on the app. Once a viewer taps on the notify sticker, they can specify which elements they want to be notified about. 

This is an attempt to avoid frustration surrounding receiving unwanted notifications and the algorithm failing to direct content to engaging audiences. It appears this is more of an overt way to prompt a creator’s top fans to prioritise their content to maximise their engagement.

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TikTok 2.0?

It appears that TikTok may be closer to launching its new dedicated photo app. Some users are now being informed that their image format content will soon be available on TikTok notes. 

“A new app for photo posts is coming soon. Your existing and future public tikTok photo posts will be shown on TikTok notes”. The app is essentially a clone of what Instagram originally was. 

It appears for the first time TikTok is replicating one of Meta’s features for a change. It isn’t clear as to whether the success of the new platform is guaranteed due to the nature of its purpose and its similarity to existing apps. 

One to keep an eye out for.

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Finally …. Would you let AI manage your crisis comms?

Not for the team at Democracy, but according to a recent study in PR Weet just over a third of PR leaders would allow AI to manage their crisis communications strategy.

One of the biggest takeaways from the survey is that, despite AI now being used for routine tasks like media monitoring and reporting, only 33% of respondents would describe themselves as ‘very confident’ using AI in their day-to-day roles – highlighting that training in AI literacy is critical for future planning for the industry.

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