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How TikTok is helping you in 2024…

TikTok has officially released its new content planning guide for 2024, making creators aware of all key dates to be aware of alongside tips and tricks that will help amplify your campaign strategies. 

Prioritising specific calendar dates and events, TikTok aims to “provide you with the most relevant tools and easy-to-implement advice to apply to your 2024 marketing strategy”. As a result, a bespoke calendar has been created for each major region across North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Each date period consists of an overview of key events set to take place during that time, along with various pointers to help users optimise TikTok’s marketing elements. 

There is also a campaign planner template with links to relevant information and tools that will help maximise the campaign’s results. Although it’s slightly different from a regular calendar, it will help a user highlight the most useful tools and processes to maximise your campaigns.

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Say goodbye to BARD and hello to BARD Advanced!

Google has been developing an upgraded version of Bard, called Bard Advanced, available through a paid subscription to Google One. The new platform is described as a more capable large language model with advanced maths and reasoning skills. 

Alongside this, developer Dylan Roussel has shared screenshots including a feature codenamed Motoko, that allows users to create custom bots. There currently isn’t any information as to whether users will have to pay to access this feature or the ability to share their bots.

Google may also introduce the new feature “power up”, which uses AI to improve the prompts fed to BARD by the user. The gallery section allows you to explore topics that you can use with BARD, as well as the tasks tab allows you to keep track of the longer tasks that BARD is currently working on, for example, image generation. 

It is still unclear as to when these features will become official however, Google has made several updates to BARD in the past few months in an attempt to keep up with the likes of chatGPT and Microsoft Copilot.

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Get FIT on TikTok!

Fitness equipment brand, Peloton is collaborating with the popular social media platform TikTok. Introducing its workout videos in video shorts, to be released on TikTok, 

The partnership appears as shares in Peloton jump to 9.5% in premarket trading. The company is pivoting to a software-focused ideal, leaning on its exclusive content to increase its subscribers. 

The demand for Peloton equipment declined quickly after its peak during the pandemic. In an attempt to rebrand, the New York based company is working on introducing services and plans so that subscribers can workout with or without the Peloton equipment. 

With a dedicated TikTok hub #TikTokFitness Powered By Peloton, will house all fitness content, recognising the first time the fitness company has partnered with brands outside of its own channels. Content will include Live classes, Content from instructors and coaches, and celebrity collaborations. 

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Apple is looking to the future

Apple has officially announced it will start shipping its Vision Pro headset on February 2nd in the US. Pre Orders were released on the 19th of January at 8 am, the new technology retails for $3,4999 with additional prescription lenses available to buy separately ($149). 

The new technology offers a 4k display for each eye and allows you to switch between augmented and virtual reality. Users can navigate the interface without using a controller, as the device supports eye, head, and hand tracking. 

The device has mainly been shown as a way to interact with apps that will be familiar to the user – for example, Facetime, Photos and movies. The company suggests that users can access over 150 3D titles through the AppleTV app. The integration is possible due to Apple’s new operating system. 

Supposedly offering an impressive experience, the only question is if the experience can justify the hefty price.

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