At first glance, Shell’s ‘Let’s Go‘, Arctic Campaign had me shaking my head and saying: “noooooo whose stupid idea was this one… how naive… who moderates this?”

But, after properly reviewing the site, it turns out that this is actually an elaborate and brilliantly executed hoax by Greenpeace to highlight its ‘Save the Arctic’ campaign.

Following on from the viral campaign representing another  fabricated #ShellFail, Greenpeace with the help of The Yes Lab created a very realistic mock website where, apparently,  Shell were inviting the public  to add their own tagline to images of icebergs, whales, polar bears and birds for a future advertising campaign.

They are even using the site  to reach out to future decision makers with a game for kids. Angry Bergs (also on the site) allows players to see how quickly they can rack up the dollars by killing off those annoying little icebergs.

The site is so similar to the real Shell website that it has caused widespread confusion and many online to think that this is the worst social media idea EVER, not to mention putting Shell’s PR team on serious clean up duty!

It shines an environmentally friendly spotlight on Shell’s controversial plans to drill in the Arctic… altogether, a fantastic, hard-hitting and humorous campaign *salutes*.