Each year thousands of Brits make the decision to drop alcohol for a whole month to partake in ‘Dry January’. Whether it’s for a new year weight-loss scheme, to raise funds for charity or simply to give the ol’ liver a break, a large percentage of the Great British public lay off the booze, turning to alternatives to see them through a daunting 31 days. Naturally, this is terrific news for our lovely client, Eisberg, the UK’s leading producer of non-alcoholic wines.

January 2016 saw a new record high in sales of Eisberg wines, which includes a Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé and Cabernet Sauvignon. Sales were up eight per cent on the previous year and rose above 20,000 cases for the first time ever.

The impressive boost in sales was in part a result of our new approaches to relations with media and the public including social media campaigns, competitions, and engagement with influential figures. Through targeted Facebook advertising we were able to significantly boost the brand’s outreach among those attempting new year resolution diets and mums-to-be within the social network. A series of competitions engaging Facebook and Twitter users gave 100 followers with January birthdays the chance to win a free bottle of Eisberg to help them celebrate. This coupled with a focus on celebrity ‘Dry January’ engagement helped further the spike in the brand’s social activity.

The drive and hard work from our Consumer Team has notably boosted the brand’s profile among National, Regional and Pink Top media titles, securing some fantastic coverage for the company nationwide. With the continued efforts from the team we hope to help Eisberg retain its title as the UK’s number one alcohol-free wine brand for many years to come.