Jennifer O'Grady - Head of Agency

Head of Agency

Democracy has been independently evaluated by the PRCA since 2020. Achieving their Communications Management Standard is a quality mark for clients and industry professionals who want to work with an agency that leads, nurtures and engages its people, is financially robust and delivers to the highest standards for its clients.


In 2024: “This is the third time Democracy PR has completed CMS.  On diversity and equality, the Agency has a comprehensive policy in place focused on creating an inclusive place to work and this commitment is communicated on job adverts.  In addition, the recruitment process includes a commitment to interview all candidates with a disability. An anti-harassment and bullying policy is also in place.  There are additional actions in relation to diversity via monitoring make-up of the team.

“In relation to leadership skills, the core competencies are in place at a senior level and the in-year reviews demonstrate that they form part of a thorough and open performance management process.  The values of the organisation are embedded into their leadership job descriptions and performance management system with measured results. This process evidenced best practice with a straightforward, clear value and KPI led process.  

“On financial management, monthly accounts are in place and this Agency are acutely aware of the need to monitor and forecast profit and loss, client retention and anticipated income.  This is a key function especially given the challenging financial times agencies are operating in.”


In 2022: “Democracy PR has retained CMS since 2020 and it is apparent from the evidence presented that they are building on excellence. In particular client satisfaction and business development were very strong areas.

“On client satisfaction there is very frequent engagement with clients and across teams; there is an “always on” monitoring process to make sure clients are happy, briefs are on track and clients know what is delivered/planned. This agency also put a lot of thought into what clients work best with their team, including their approach of adopting 10% into piloting creative experimental approaches. KPIs are set and are bespoke to clients and reviewed via processes.

“The handbook for staff outlines expectations when working with clients and the agency’s values are very clearly articulated. The business development evidence detailed a variety of tools and processes used to keep on top of opportunities, with a very clear process and personnel leading on this aspect.

“The people management section was also sound with a clear process for recruitment and selection based on needs of role but also upfront about the company’s values and approach. The use of psychometric testing, case studies and objective questions is best practice in increasing the chances of getting the best person for the role.”


In 2020: “Democracy demonstrated their commitment to CMS (Communication Marketing Standard) with a strong score across all areas. Evidence was presented in campaign management, leadership and people management and this exercise found that Democracy understands how best to deliver for clients from the outset.

A variety of tools were presented including an onboarding process, an online tracking system and a benchmarking process. On leadership and team management there was a clear focus on self-reflection, a commitment to learning and a team philosophy.”