An independent producer is determined to inspire people to fall back in love with the golden stuff by helping them to create the perfect slice of marmalade on toast, paired with the right cuppa.

Concerned that people might just not be making it correctly, Duerr’s commissioned scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, and international tea experts to create a failsafe formula to help people enjoy marmalade sensory perfection at breakfast time.

A panel of males and females aged between 20 – 60 tested a series of different combinations and ratios of marmalade with bread and margarine or butter.

Temperature, density of bread and the ratio of depth of bread to spread to marmalade, are all factored into the equation – but the surprising factor came from the temperature of the toast, which should be served cold.

To achieve the perfect marmalade on toast at home, scientists recommend that the bread should be white and 0.9cm thick, toasted for exactly 1 minute in a toaster at 220˚C to achieve a golden brown colour.

Then the unexpected part – the toast should be left in a well-ventilated space for ten minutes allowing the product to cool. This allows the toast to maintain a crunch and for the butter to create a thin layer on the surface of the bread.

The toast should then be spread with 7.1g of lightly salted butter, finally 11.2 g of fine cut marmalade (peel 1.5mm – 4mm thick) should be spread evenly.

People who prefer thicker or thinner bread should take heed of the golden ratio established by the scientists; where the thickness of the bread, spread and marmalade is determined by the ratio 9:1:2mm.

Duerr’s, the family preserve makers, who have been making marmalade since 1881, hope that by experiencing the sensory pleasure of the spread, more of us will discover the joy of marmalade. Fifth generation family member Richard Duerr comments: “We’re launching a national campaign to appeal to marmalade lovers across the UK and help them to make more of their marmalade.”

However, for those who are pressed for time, Professor Christopher Smith at Manchester Metropolitan University has some basic tips to ensure that people spread their slice right every time: “Using a quality marmalade such as Duerr’s is key, and premium bread toasted golden brown. Never forget the importance of quality for good flavour.”

Finally, nothing compliments the ‘perfect’ slice of toast and marmalade quite like the ‘perfect’ cup of tea. International Tea Consultant Tim Clifton recommends Earl Grey with Duerr’s Fine Cut marmalade, as just the thing “The fine cut Marmalade has a powerful sharp citrus flavour and sits well with a brisk and distinctive tea, such as Earl Grey, to complement the zingy tang”.