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Meta releases AI personality-based chatbots

Meta is planning to release a series of chatbots within its Messenger service that are set to have the ability to specialise in specific subjects, creating the illusion of a personality behind the AI. 

The company’s main chatbot will be named MetaAI. In a race for tech companies to produce the most accurate and personalised artificial intelligence, the chatbot will allow users to ask questions directly and provide them with answers based on learned personalities of celebrity personas.

According to Meta, several celebrities have volunteered to “lend” their personalities to different types of chatbots to create imitations. NFL star Tom Brady will play a sports debater character called “Bru”, whilst Mr. Beast will play the comedic character Zach, who is said to ‘roast’ users. Celebrities such as Snoop Dog and Kendall Jenner have also reportedly signed up to become part of the chatbot’s artificial intelligence. 

Mark Zuckerberg said there will still be limitations surrounding what the bots can answer. Meta’s statement followed the announcement of a rival, OpenAI, Microsoft-backed creator of ChatGPT, confirming its chatbot can now browse the internet to provide its users with relevant information. 

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X to experiment with new pinning feature

X, formerly Twitter, is experimenting with a feature that allows users to pin anything to their feed. From lists to communities to search enquiries, this app development will encourage easy access and reaccess for users within the app. 

X’s head designer Andrea Conway has developed a means of pinning multiple different elements to the timeline, facilitating faster navigation and altering digital behaviors, potentially increasing user engagement. 

Swipeable timelines were originally used by the former Twitter team, in an attempt to make switching feeds more accessible. However, this feature did not appear to appeal to its users, as a result, X’s team is attempting to reinvent the option and make it more user-friendly. 

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TikTok to launch content creation assistant

Following trends and culture is a large component within the TikTok community. Content ideation and creation are the focal points of the platform that allows users to tell stories, create conversation and inhibit creativity. TikTok has created an AI-powered virtual assistant to allow users to focus on the joy of creation. 

The artificial intelligence technology allows users to converse and collaborate when creating for TikTok, drawing upon a wealth of information and knowledge to provide the most relevant response to their videos. 

TikTok’s creative assistant helps to guide users through the platform’s best practices, as well as providing and analysing influential and inspirational content based on data sources. Creative assistants can also help users to brainstorm ideas, alongside helping to write and refine scripts.

The creative assistant allows TikTok users to continuously create a meaningful and valuable presence on the platform. Encouraging brands and creators to take advantage of the power of artificial intelligence is likely going to lead to them becoming better creatives on the platform. 

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X experiments with expanded content offerings including game streaming

X appears to be experimenting with Elon Musk’s vision for an “everything app”. As a result, X is looking into offering game streaming as a part of its extended features. 

Currently, it takes several steps to set up a game stream, providing the platform to stream gameplay and response content within the mainstream X feed. The stream provides all the features and functions gaming viewers will expect to see; however, X has a long way to go to become a viable game streaming platform. 

X is also looking to integrate features such as donations and revenue options for creators, similar to other apps. Gaming is a significant part of web culture within today’s society, most major online platforms recognise or connect with the gaming community on some level, specifically platforms such as YouTube are often connected with the subcultures of gaming. Gaming conversations within the X app saw a 36% increase in 2022. 

Given the extensive engagement the gaming community holds, X intends to maximise their engagement directly instead of allowing users to drift over to other platforms for gaming-related activity. 

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