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Business Listings on Google can now Include Social Media Links

Google has recently allowed businesses in most regions to add social media links to their Google Business profile. A Google Business profile is a free tool that allows businesses to create a profile including location, contact information, photos etc for users who search to have a concise understanding of the business.

The social platforms that are currently supported by Google at the moment are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (previously known as Twitter) and YouTube. Sorry Threads and Snapchat you were missed off the invite list!

This can be added to business profiles through the “Contact” section under “Business Information” 

Increased traffic to social platforms, more choice to the users of which platform they prefer and a boosting of search engine optimisation are just snapshots of the opportunities that this latest feature can grant to businesses of all sizes.

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‘Spotlight Moments’- YouTube’s new AI Ad Offering

YouTube’s AI ad tools are consistently developing to support advertisers. They are now set to launch an innovative AI ad option which will enable users to strategically have their advertising activities promoted around “cultural moments, global events” and themes. 

Recognising the importance of targeted marketing, YouTube is utilising AI software that will use video identification and sorting to generate trending ‘branded hubs’ aligned with the advertiser including custom playlists (videos with the most appurtenant and engaging content).

This will result in more considered targeting which will maximise campaigns’ effectiveness through being exposed to more appropriate audiences and valuable brand association.

Unfortunately for smaller businesses, this advanced feature is set to be highly-priced; it might be a while before it is accessible to all! 

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X’s $1 annual fee test underway

X (formally known as Twitter) is charging all new users in New Zealand and the Philippines $1 annually to engage and actively use the platform. This test program has started effective immediately. X states “It is not a profit driver” but an investment into creating a more streamlined service for its users.

New users will get a choice of three subscription packages- X Premium plan, verified organisation plan or the new annual $1 fee. Users who decide not to choose any of the subscription packages will still be able to create an account, but not engage with or publish any content.

Fortunately, for already existing users, they will be exempt from the charges!

Musk has said that the intention is to ultimately charge everyone which may drive users away from the platform. For businesses, could it mean bye-bye as a focus for marketing ‘X’?

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TikTok’s “Direct Post”- It is as easy as 1, 2, 3

TikTok has released their plan to add a more user-friendly element- “direct posting” via their API.

Selected third-party creation tools will have a TikTok built-in posting option. This will allow users to have a more streamlined managed experience and the opportunity to increase the quality of their content without it being rejected by the perplexing algorithm.

At the outset, users will be able to “direct post” from platforms such as Adobe, Calcutta, DaVinchi Resolve, Social Pilot and Twitch.

Even though this allows the brands to create higher quality content through third-party tools, it is not disregarded that the more authentic and raw content performs best on this platform.

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