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Meta Agrees Game-changing Deal with Amazon 

This week, an agreement has been reached with Meta and Amazon which will allow Amazon merchants to connect with Facebook and Instagram users. “For the first time, customers will be able to shop Amazon’s Facebook and Instagram ads and check out with Amazon without leaving the social media apps”.

Based on a user’s Amazon account details (i.e. if they are a Prime subscriber or not), Amazon can display updated product pricing on ads. Based on which ads a user engages with, Amazon will share limited in-app activity data with Meta to show them more relevant product ads.

It may also enable Meta to drive more in-app shopping activity, helping to facilitate Meta’s commerce push more effectively, as it may be another way to drive more engagement with Amazon ads on Facebook and Instagram.

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Threads Adds Option to Delete Threads Profile’s Safely 

Threads users can now independently delete their Threads profile without affecting their Instagram presence. Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri shared a screenshot revealing the updated process in Threads settings, allowing users to deactivate their Threads profile. 

If not reactivated within 30 days, it will be permanently deleted, leaving the Instagram profile unaffected. Previously, Threads and Instagram profiles were inherently linked, causing concern among users. Instagram has addressed this by separating the two, granting more control. 

Although Threads profiles remain linked to Instagram, users can now eliminate Threads without deleting their Instagram identity. However, the update does not extend to DMs, as the Threads team currently prioritises other features.

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TikTok’s ‘Live Fest’

TikTok is striving to replicate the success of live-stream commerce from its Chinese counterpart by promoting engaging live content. The platform’s latest move in this direction is the introduction of “LIVE Fest,” an in-app event featuring some of its top live creators. 

The global event across 50+ countries aims to recognize and celebrate outstanding creators. During LIVE Fest, creators can earn rewards for going live, participate in challenges, and connect with others globally. 

While specifics on the start date are pending, the tournament period is slated for December 1st to December 16th. This initiative underscores TikTok’s focus on elevating live creators and exploring the potential of streaming commerce within the app.

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Instagram Unleashes Creativity with ‘Composer UI’ Update

Reels continue to be the primary focus for Facebook and Instagram, with Meta’s AI-recommended Reels playing a significant role in rejuvenating the growth of both platforms. Instagram chief Adam Mosseri revealed that Reels now constitute 50% of total time spent on Instagram. 

To enhance engagement, Instagram has introduced three new Reel creation updates, simplifying the process without relying on third-party editing tools. The emphasis is on creating more organic, in-the-moment clips rather than polished promotions. 

The updates include new in-app editing options, allowing users to customise their creations seamlessly. While not groundbreaking, these practical UI changes facilitate in-stream editing, empowering users to produce appealing videos on the go, and contributing to the short-form video trend.

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