Jennifer O'Grady - Head of Agency

Head of Agency

Cast your minds back to March of this year, restaurants, pubs, bars, and clubs were all forced to shut their doors.

Like many brands for Tequila Rose strawberry cream liqueur, this was a big deal. A brand that prides its positioning in the market of pubs, clubs, and bars, we were forced to switch this brand positioning, offering Tequila Rose drinkers a fresh perspective on their favourite tipple. 

As we entered the UK lockdown, we said goodbye to ‘night-out’ imagery and to weekend led social copy, and pressed the pause button on influencer content. This step back allowed our social media team to work with Tequila Rose, switching our offering across our social media platforms to fit the thoughts and feelings of our audience. 

Through social listening and keyword research, we were able to tap into the conversations being had by Tequila Rose drinkers, shaping a new-wave strategy and social content plan from our findings. By sourcing user-generated content, our audience was helping shape this new form of content, being our content creators in many ways.

Tequila Rose has massive product diversity and we were able to tap into this with our content. We wanted this transition from night-out to night-in content to be a smooth one, therefore we trialled and tested our new content style in numerous ways. Diversity is key; the nation went baking mad and so did we! Similarly to when the lockdown was extended in April, consumers had to re-think celebrations, ‘nights out’, and much more. This shaped our new ‘lockdown’ content, from cupcakes to cocktails, Easter eggs, ice lollies, and beyond; you name it, we put Tequila Rose into it!

By tapping into consumer conversations and changing our content style so quickly, we were able to remain incredibly engaged with our audience. Post engagements tripled and comment sentiment was hugely positive. When the UK was locked down, there was never a rush to get content out straight away, we took a step back, listened to our audience, assessed the situation, and then created tailored content to meet these audience desires. That calm, collected approach aided in the success of our new content style.

Across the Tequila Rose social channel, there is and was a clear want and desire for a product that was once so synonymous with a night out, proving that plans can and do change, but when you know your audience, product and offering, that change can be a seamless natural shift.