Know Your Audience

Get a feel for your audiences’ likes and dislikes; and refine your content strategy accordingly. Use accessible metrics such as social interactions (thumbs up / comments) and page views (available via platforms such as Google Analytics) to inform your decision making. How do your fans compare to the #1 brand in your category? What really gets them going?

Story First

People love stories, and creating compelling stories is an effective way to connect with your audience emotionally. Focus on narratives that have something interesting to say about your brand or product. How do you impact real people? What difference does it make to them?

Keep it Simple

The best camera is the one you have.’ Put the equipment you already own to good use – modern smartphones offer amazing quality when you’re starting with social media. Audiences are accustomed to seeing mobile phone footage online and are forgiving of lower production values when engaged by beautifully straightforward content.

Repurpose Your Content

Get more out of the content you already have! Turn an existing long-form blog into a series of social media posts. And when it comes to different formats, be as ambitious as your budget allows. Different platforms have different optimal asset sizes – but across most platforms you will always find safety in 1:1 (aka ‘square’)  images and 9:16 (vertical) videos.

Keep Learning

Your requirements as a challenger brand are always changing, and so are your audience’s needs. Be curious about the types of creative content you invest in producing and always make space to learn from how different content performs for you.

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